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4 Strategies to Enhance Your SAP HCM Investment on the Journey to the Cloud

Many organizations continue to rely on On-Premise SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) systems, but a growing number are exploring the transition to SAP SuccessFactors in the cloud. Whether your migration plans are imminent or still on the horizon, preparing your current SAP HCM On-Premise investment is crucial for a seamless transition. Here are four key strategies to maximize your existing investment on the path to the cloud.

1. Reevaluate Your HR Business Processes

This is an opportune moment to review your HR business processes and consider integrating best practices. Simplifying and standardizing your HR processes across your organization can significantly enhance your current on-premise system. Importantly, these enhancements lay the groundwork for a future migration to SuccessFactors, which is less customizable compared to its on-premise counterpart.

2. Ensure Data Accuracy

As the saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” Your system’s effectiveness depends on the quality of data it receives. Inaccurate data can negatively impact reporting, analytics, vendor interactions, and other critical business areas, including finance. Implement data validation checks to prevent erroneous data from entering your system and create audit reports for ongoing data accuracy monitoring.

3. Maintain a Healthy Organizational Structure

The organizational structure is the backbone of your SAP system, affecting how it functions and the business areas it influences. Ensure that your organizational structure accurately reflects your company’s setup to avoid issues like sending confidential performance reviews to the wrong individuals. Regularly review and adjust your organizational structure to keep it healthy and aligned with your company’s evolving needs.

4. Invest in a Versatile Service Provider

Seek a service provider who can support your SAP On-Premise solution and assist with the transition to the cloud. Having a partner with expertise in both systems can save you time and resources during the transition. Investing in such a partner now can lead to smoother operations and fewer complications down the road.

Even if your organization hasn’t made concrete plans to move to SuccessFactors, the practices outlined in this article offer valuable insights. Implementing these strategies can lead to immediate improvements and prepare you for a successful transition to the cloud, whether that transition occurs soon or in the future.

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