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5 things to consider when choosing an HR Advisory partner 

As your business is growing, you want to ensure that you have the internal capacity to support this growth. Quite often the primary focus of organizations falls into production, operations and financial aspects, leaving aside processes that impact your most valuable asset – your employees. Expansion and growth of the business are very often followed by changes, reprocessing and uncertainty. It is equally crucial that your employees feel confident and empowered as well as HR processes support your business objectives. Partnering with the HR Advisory company will allow you to focus on your primary business objectives, while the partner will ensure that your HR business processes are aligned, and your employees feel confident and incorporate changes in an effective manner. 

There are a few aspects to consider when choosing your HR Advisory partner: 

  • Experience  

Your partner’s level of experience and expertise plays an essential role during the selection process. You want to ensure that the organization is knowledgeable about the industry, best practices, recent trends, and has experience in completing similar projects. It is important that your potential partner has relevant experience to your organization’s needs and goals. 

  • Proposed Solution  

There aren’t two companies that operate the same way. Each company has its own specific business processes, goals, structure, operating model, employee programs etc. Thus, one solution does not fit it all. Using best practices and standard recommendations can be a good starting point to base your recommendations on, however, you want to ensure that the proposed solution is relevant to your organization and addresses specific circumstances faced by your organization and industry. 

  • Certifications 

Without a doubt, your partner must hold all necessary certifications and credentials for each advisory service that they offer. If your company operates in various provinces and countries, it is always a good idea to verify that the partner knows about different regulations, procedures and compliance processes  

  • Communication 

The importance of clear and effective communication can not be underestimated during the selection stage and future partnership. Providing clear and consistent communication, promptly responding and being easy to reach – these are the attributes you want to see in your partner as it directly impacts the quality of work performed and success of your organization. 

  • HR Services offering  

Having a partnership with a company that offers a full-life cycle of HR Services can bring substantial benefit in the long-run. Yes, addressing current issues and averting negative short-term impacts is undeniably important but it is equally important to be able to strategize your HR processes long-term. Broader HR Services offering allows your partner to propose various ways of addressing issues and different solutions, support you during future organizational transformations and internal changes, identify and mitigate potential risks and assist in your future HR-related projects already knowing the background. 

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