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Four reasons to choose HR Path for your Workday support partner

With so many options for Workday support options, where can you begin to find the right plan and company for your organization’s needs and requirements?

HR Path has four reasons that you should select us for your Workday support plan.

1. Our support models are focused on user adoption and satisfaction, not getting more clients. Our success is measured by your satisfaction, not by cases closed. In other words, you are not just another deal. We will do our very best to become YOUR idea of a great support team.

2. You don’t have to worry about getting boxed in by support plans that are set in stone. HR Path has flexible support plans that will meet your needs. When you start the process with us, we will work to ensure that your plan has everything that you need to get the most from your company’s Workday program.

3. The last thing you want is to call a generic number and waste time hunting for the right person to talk to, or even worse waste time with the wrong person. With HR Path, you get access to the experts, how-to recommendations, as well as strategic guidance and planning from consultants and senior-level Workday resources.

4. Get access to everything we have in one as soon as you sign with us. There are no hidden fees or extra money to spend to get access to everything we have. Our support services include a complete set of tools (webinars, training videos, knowledge libraries, etc.) that assist you throughout your workday life cycle.

With these differentiators, HR Path’s Workday support is inherently beneficial for all organizations willing to take advantage.

Don’t be just a number with another support company, go with the company that:

  • Values your successful adoption and satisfaction over getting the deal
  • Flexible support plans to ensure that your unique needs are met
  • Access to the experts
  • Instant access to all our of our Workday Support materials

Interested in learning more? Contact us here to speak with an expert.

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