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Get to know HR Path’s Workday capabilities on Application Management Services

Running Workday services for businesses today, means involving a specialized team that manages the updates and any customizations for you.

Our team of Workday experts do this every day, this is HR-Path’s Workday Application Management Services (AMS).

Most organizations might sometimes face difficulties when dealing with Workday’s deployment. The reason behind it is that mainly because they haven’t discovered Workday’s full capabilities. At HR Path we are here to help you explore what Workday services can offer.

Working with HR Path has several advantages, but one that stands out for most customers is that our services are part of the add-on. This will help organizations work in a more efficient way and lower costs. HR Path’s Workday AMS has each support system to assist in making the Workday service utilized to the maximum capacity, turning to capabilities needed.

Wondering what are the Workday’s capabilities with the support system? Discover that here:

Functional Support                                                                                  

  • Absence Plan                                                                    
  • Data Migration
  • Business Process restructuring
  • Compensation Plan
  • Annual Pay review setup
  • Tenant management

Integration Support

  • Third party Connector
  • Payroll
  • ID Access Management
  • Incorporating Service now
  • Using Workday Studio

Operation Support

  • Custom report builds
  • Security framework definition
  • Data management

Release Management Support

  • New Workday Functionality – Advice on adoption and fit gap evaluation
  • Regression testing and Impact analysis

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