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How SAP SuccessFactors has increased User Experience

Over the past several years, SAP SuccessFactors has had a major push toward user experience and employee engagement. As you may know, a user-friendly website, app or tool is essential to captivate and bind your customers and employees to you and your organization. It is not only a device gaining attention, but User Experience (UX) as a whole is also becoming increasingly important. UX is about more than just ease of use, it is really about creating an optimal and total experience for users. So, why does UX matter so much for employees?

The younger generation of those who enter the workforce tends to bring higher expectations for UX. Due to consumer applications, their comfort and expectation for platforms that your business may be providing could be much higher. Also, enhanced UX can make working easier for your employees and boost their productivity, as it allows employees to complete tasks in fewer steps and in a more self-efficient.

Because of this, SAP SuccessFactors has embraced the need for tailored UX and created an SAP UX strategy. They understand the importance of this by bringing great products to meet users’ expectations of easy-to-use software in the workplace. Their UX within SuccessFactors (SF) is based on how people engage with technology on both the Web and Mobile devices resulting in the app being flexible, easy, and employee-centered– feeling tailored to your organization. The smooth transition and consistent UX between devices is supported by SAP’s official design language called SAP Fiori.

SAP UX Fiori Design

SAP Fiori is the official design language of SAP SuccessFactors that allows an innovative experience for both the creators and the end-users. SAP Fiori is an intelligent design for enterprise software that brings exceptional user experience, business value, and simplicity. UX is enhanced through SAP Fiori and is role-based, easy to understand,  simple, and adaptive. The modern UX design principle provides a personalized, responsive and simple user interface for SAP SF on any device.

  • Role-based interface and single sign-on (SSO)
  • Responsive design for desktops and mobile
  • Simple and easy-to-use

Web and Mobile Platform Experiences

SAP SuccessFactors UX is consistent on both Web and Mobile platforms – and across solutions. You can access everything you need from a single interface which makes it easy to pick up where you left off on a different device. In addition to this, it has a very personal touch and feels, which makes this very user-friendly. With the push of a button on whatever device you are using, it provides you with the information that you need.

  • Intuitive, consumer-grade UX
  • Adaptable to different personas
  • Clean and simple login
  • Easy search functionality
  • Quick start with homepage tiles
  • Continuous UX across solutions

For example, let’s talk about the user experience of the  Time Off feature within Employee Central. You can perform similar Time Off related tasks on your mobile device as you would on a laptop, and this flexibility has several advantages. One being, when an employee wants to ask for sick leave, vacation, or any other type of time off, this can be done with a simple click on your mobile device. Just like on your desktop, you can look at your team’s calendar to see who else is absent or you can cancel unapproved time off requests. Requesting time off from your mobile device really increases the employee experience by being faster and providing real-time insights wherever you are.


Tailored User Experience

With the reinvented SAP SuccessFactors UX, it’s all about user engagement and returning value to your employees by making the end-users feel that they are important and providing different types of next-generation technology, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and chatbots. Machine learning, for example, provides data based on an employees’ history. In this way, you empower your people with an intuitive user interface that is personalized for each employee.

Work Zone for HR 

 SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone for HR is a new HXM solution that provides a personalized digital workplace so employees can leverage everything they need from a single touchpoint and personalize it based on what is important to them and what they need to do their best work. Work Zone for HR is really designed to provide an employee-centric HR user experience and can work on any device. With Work Zone for HR, employees can really boost productivity and increase their retention. This also drives engagement through communication, communities, and personalized and guided digital experiences.

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