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How to optimize your workforce productivity using SuccessFactors Mobile

The ability to access information anytime and anywhere plays a significant role in our society and organizations. Most everyone owns a mobile device and, taking that even further, a smartphone. Mobile devices give us access to an unlimited amount of data, right from the convenience of our fingertips. It’s also an easy way for us to stay connected to others around the globe.

Enhanced workforce productivity is another benefit of mobile devices because the technology allows for increased access to employees who may be on the go and improves overall responsiveness.

SuccessFactors recognizes the significance of mobility and the impact it has on workforce productivity. SuccessFactors Mobile provides on-demand access to many of the same features and functionality of its web application. With seamless navigation and a personalized experience across any channel, employees and managers can stay connected and perform tasks with ease.

The SuccessFactors mobile app offers basic features such as Approvals and Tasks, My Profile, Manager Team View, and Search and Org Chart. The available modules include Employee Central, Performance and Goals, Learning, Recruiting, Onboarding, Compensation, Workforce Planning and Analytics, and Succession and Development. Additional details and supported features for each module are listed below.

Modules and Features

Please note the functionality and features supported for each module vary based on the operating system (iOS or Android).

Employee Central

Employee Central provides tools for employees to perform core HR tasks such as updating personal information and account profiles, managing timesheets, and handling benefits claims. Additional tools for managers allow them to initiate workflows, change employee job information, and handle payroll.

  • Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • Manager Self Service (MSS)
  • Timesheets
  • Payroll Info
  • Benefit Claims

Performance and Goals

The features available within Performance and Goals allow users to access their goal plans and update goal status fields, complete and sign performance reviews, and schedule one-on-one meetings with managers.

  • Goals
  • Performance Reviews
  • Continuous Performance Management (CPM)
  • 360 Reviews

Key features in Performance and Goals not currently supported include Group Goals, Team Goals, and Cascading/Aligning Goals.


Within the Learning module, employees can manage their assignments, browse available courses, and register or withdraw from classes. Below are additional features of the Mobile Learning module:

  • Learning Assignments
  • Learning Catalog
  • Enrollment Approvals
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Task Checklist


The Recruiting module simplifies the recruiting process and allows managers to provide interview feedback, approve or decline job offers and requisitions, review candidate resumes, and rate and comment on competencies. Additionally, it gives employees the ability to access internal career sites.

  • Job Offer & Job Requisition Approval
  • Candidate Interview Assessment
  • Careers Module


Mobile Onboarding provides new hires with important information before their first day on the job. They can see a countdown to their first day, office locations, key meetings, what items to bring, and people to meet.

  • New Hire Onboarding
  • New Hire Manger’s Activity


The current functionality of the mobile Compensation module is limited to the Rewards and Recognition feature on iOS devices. Functionality for other key features such as managing worksheets for promotions, salaries, and bonuses is not currently supported in the app.

Workforce Planning and Analytics

Utilize the features of Workforce Planning and Analytics to view charts with organizational goal alignment information, goal progress, and end of period headcounts. Like the Compensation module, these features are currently only available in iOS devices.

  • Team Performance/Pay (iOS only)
  • Goal Alignment (iOS only)
  • Goal Status (iOS only)

Succession and Development

Using the Succession and Development module, users can manage their Career Development Goal plans.

  • Career Development Planning (CDP)     

The SuccessFactors Mobile app is released monthly (excluding January), so Support for additional features may be available in subsequent updates. The SuccessFactors mobile app is available for download on iOS through the Apple App Store and on Android devices through the Google Play Store.

Enterprise mobility is transforming the way companies do business. The flexibility of using mobile apps to execute business processes improves both workforce productivity and competitiveness. SAP SuccessFactors Mobile app provides employees with on-demand access to SuccessFactors solutions, enabling them to perform key HR tasks from anywhere, at any time.

HR Path can answer your questions about SuccessFactors or host a demo for your team. If you’d like to schedule an info session, contact us here.

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