HR processes impacted by Artificial Intelligence

HR processes are clearly impacted by the arrival of new technologies: digital technology, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). HR processes such as recruitment or personnel management have been reinvented. The disciplinary matrix is ​​thus evolving, and the set of beliefs, values ​​and techniques shared by the members of the HR community during the last period is being metamorphosed. From now on, HR needs to understand these new challenges of anticipating talent management, adapting training methods and optimizing recruitment processes. Indeed, it is clearly a matter of accompanying and reinventing the transformation of their profession, which is evolving both in substance and in form.


The impact of artificial intelligence on recruitment

The HR recruitment process will be one of the first to be impacted and concerned by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will come to support and help the recruiter by lightning his task and providing him with means of reflection more effectively. AI is thus bringing a promise and it is the most concrete answer: matching. It will be able to optimize the sourcing process and of course the sorting of applications that often requires a lot of time. The recruiter has the ability to scan millions of data in an extremely short time.


The impact of artificial intelligence on payroll

Artificial intelligence in the field of payroll, finds an application in the management of the DSN through various actions such as analysis, recommendations, corrections or optimization.


The impact of artificial intelligence on the treatment of employees’ questions

Employees and managers always have many questions to ask, whether they are pay slips, administrative status, holidays and more. Simply setting up an artificial intelligence in the form of a chatbot, for example, would simplify and open up information processes. The treatment of the questions will thus be revolutionized with an automation of the answers treated directly by the artificial intelligence. HR teams are freed from time-consuming and low value-added missions. In addition, employees get a fast, clear and precise answer. However, artificial intelligence is not able to deal with everything and thus leaves room for humans when the issues become a little more complex.


The impact of artificial intelligence on mobility

How to fill a mobility post and what type of proposal should be made? Artificial intelligence relies on software that allows through a database to select candidate profiles and set up matching systems.

Artificial intelligence is not just about innovative sectors, new technologies, or anything close to it. It implants itself in “traditional” sectors where it wants to be a carrier and where it seems to bring real innovations. The AI ​​brings a new way of imagining the HR sector, their teams, their work and their means of application. The challenge is proposed to the HR function: to ensure complementarity between non-automatable skills and artificial intelligence systems. The adaptation of skills thus seems essential, with of course the role of the employees they will have to rethink.

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