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Interview with Hermilo Peña Acevedo, CIO at Grupo La Moderna

The migration of the SAP On-Premise Payroll system to SAP SuccessFactors in La Moderna has been one of those projects that we are especially proud of at HR Path.

We are talking about taking La Moderna to the vanguard of SAP technology, since the rest of its information systems rest on S/4 HANA technology.

The motivations for the project have been strategic: both at the level of technical architecture and at the level of the digital transformation project. The result is a solid architecture from the technically point of view and end-user friendly.

At HR Path we think that this path that La Moderna started a year ago, is the path that most of SAP clients will follow, if they want to continue enjoying the robustness of the German payroll software, but are looking for an architecture model and usability typical of a tool that is at the vanguard of technology in the 21st century.

More than telling us the benefits of the model, we believe that it is best that you enjoy the interview that we have had with the Engineer Hermilo Paña CIO of La Moderna.

What benefits have you seen in moving from an SAP HCM On-Premise solution to a SAP SuccessFactors Cloud model?

To begin with, the TCO is lower compared to the investment we had to make to keep the environment in our facilities operating properly.

The security provided by the platform has world-class levels, a level that a client can hardly afford.

The administration of the infrastructure that supports the platform is the responsibility of the provider, which allows us to focus our attention on the Core of the company, which is the manufacture and sale of food.

The continuous updates allow us to innovate consistently and with the adoption of best practices.

Why did you choose the cloud solution from SAP SuccessFactors?

The decision was really easy because we had already been working with the SuccessFactors platform since 2015 and with the SAP HCM On-Premise payroll with excellent results, so the only thing was to decide for the cloud which was not a problem either because it was perfectly aligned to the company’s technology strategy.

What do you value most at the architecture and model level of the new solution?

All the characteristics of the SaaS model.

Are you satisfied with the current model?

Very satisfied.

What benefits have you obtained from the organizational point of view, cost savings, etc?

Redirect the technology investment to topics that generate more value for the business.

Where are you now in terms of Digital Transformation?

We continue to deploy projects that complement “La Moderna Cloud” initiative, whose objective is the digital evolution of the company.

How has the Digital Transformation impacted your day to day?

We have definitely become more productive by adopting world-class practices on cutting-edge platforms.

What are the lessons learned from the migration process from the On-Premise model to the Cloud model?

I think the most valuable lesson has been not to underestimate the importance of Change Management as an essential process and one that should pave the way for digital transformation initiatives.

What do you value most about the entire project and its implementation?

Mainly that we fully comply with all the commitments that we assume with senior management, in terms of scope, budget and deployment time, and all this thanks to the fact that we are able to surround ourselves with specialists such as HR Path, that we have committed keyusers and that The implementation team of Corporativo La Moderna demonstrated once again the resilience, experience and will to get ahead even in the most difficult times.

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