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Introducing our SuccessFactors Health Check Services

A fully functioning system that is aligned to your business needs can provide vital data that adds value to the operational management and strategic direction of your organisation.  Over time, your business requirements and processes may change and the original SuccessFactors configuration may no longer be optimal; or perhaps SuccessFactors has not been continuously upgraded through new release management to drive efficiency and optimise the system to support HR strategy, policies and processes.  Whatever the cause; you may be running a sub-optimal system.

At HR Path we have a deep understanding of SuccessFactors and how organisations can overcome issues, pain points, or other challenges when adopting the system for your business.  So, to help our clients we have developed SuccessFactors Health Check Services.


How it works

Following a 6-phase process we work with you to understand the pain points, investigate, analyse and deliver a solution to enhance the system.


Our 6-phase process

  1. Engage – Initially we spend time talking to you, taking you through a series of questions to understand your pain point.
  2. HR Path Analysis – We then utilise UAT credentials to analyse your current system configuration.
  3. Findings discussion – Once we understand the configuration of your system, we come together to address every pain point and challenge identified to explore possible solutions.
  4. HR Path Solution – Our consultants draw on their extensive backgrounds in SuccessFactors implementation and module configuration, as well as checklists specifically detailed for each module to perform an impact analysis and estimate the solution effort for each pain point and challenge.
  5. Summary – We present to you our proposed solution and its effort for every pain point and challenge.
  6. Closure – Agreement of the solution and next steps to be taken.


What this means for you

Our goal for SuccessFactors Health Check Services is to make your system work for you.

We will provide you with a structured and detailed approach that guides you through the process; we will leverage our experience and access to best practice to optimise SuccessFactors to meet your business needs.  Our ultimate goal is to provide a service that enables SuccessFactors giving you a more efficient and effective system to work in.

If you are interested in exploring this service further, contact us.

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