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Is your SuccessFactors environment ready for 2022?

As Q4 starts to wrap up, it is important to prepare your HR organization and systems for the upcoming year. This includes preparing for your cyclic processes. Do you have a calendar defined for your existing Cyclic Processes (Goal Management, Performance Management, Compensation, Succession, Payroll)?

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  • year-end planning
  • key functionality/enhancements
  • and big universal updates in 2022.

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Please read below to find out how to best prepare your SuccessFactors environment and processes.

In your cyclic process there are key dates to track that include:

  • Preparation of Launch
    • Review Recent software updates or new functionality
    • Identify and configure any changes
    • Validate processes operate as expected
  • Firm Launch Date with proper employee communication
    • Are timelines across processes aligned?  (e.g., performance close aligns with compensation planning start)
  • Post Launch/Hypercare Support Plan/Model
  • For Employee Central Payroll or On-Premises Payroll:
  • Are end of year HRSP applied and validated?
  • Have you generated all payroll calendars, pay dates, posting dates, etc.
  • Tax Filing – If doing in-house using Tax Reporting, have you reviewed the legislative changes?

If you plan on implementing any new functionality within SAP SuccessFactors there are several things to consider that include:

  • Impact to existing modules/functionality used?
  • Impact to current cycle schedule (See above)
  • Proper resources to design, validate, and push out to users

Looking for new and exciting SuccessFactors functionality? SAP SuccessFactors is always innovative and enhancing their current products. This includes SAP Opportunity Marketplace, SAP Work Zone, SuccessFactors New Home Page, SAP Next-Generation Cloud Delivery, etc. Reach out to HR Path if you are interested in learning more.

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