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Make the most out of your Human Experience with SAP Opportunity Market Place

SAP’s Opportunity Market Place (OMP) helps people to discover recommendations to fuel their growth and ongoing development. It was launched in Q4 2021 and more features have been developed or are on the roadmap.

The OMP embraces the ‘Whole Self’ concept in which the OMP plays a supporting role to explore and develop this.

Talking about The Whole Self Model, this model assumes we are more than the sum of our skills and capabilities. It’s about people’s passions, aspirations, mindset, and motivation. These descriptors help us tell our individual story and allow us to craft other’s understanding of how we operate and the value we bring to work.

Please read more detailed information about The Whole Self Model in this article.

Features and main benefits

The Opportunity Market Place provides features to post or find Assignments.  Here managers can find qualified talent by creating and posting assignments (usually temporary internal work opportunities) by using the Assignment feature. Employees can use it to accomplish a common task, gather new skills or collaborate. 

The OMP can be used to discover open internal jobs. By discovering open internal jobs employees from SAP Recruiting, employees can leverage their strengths and grow towards their aspirations.  You can bookmark jobs for later reconsideration or open them directly to view internal job postings.

Another feature is to get suggestions for learning opportunities. Suggested learning suggestions are made to upskill and prepare people for advanced career options.  Learning recommendations can be made by an administrator, by peers or via personalized recommendations. The latter are based on machine learning algorithms.

By using the mentoring feature employees can get one-on-one engagements to receive guidance or help other people grow.  

The system helps you to find Job opportunities, it helps people to see what it’s needed to grow into their potential future role. You can see what gaps there still are, what capabilities need to be worked on.  Also, recommendations for future roles are made.

Capabilities-based framework

The capabilities-based framework helps organizations to be more agile by broadening the scope of the organization’s understanding of each employee. It’s not only about skills, but on overall capabilities. Each employee has a capability profile.  Machine learning is used to analyze these profiles and even those of peers to find a better alignment between the individual and the organization to be able to match people to tasks and assignments. Skill and competency rates can be used for matching (future) roles.

The Talent Intelligent Hub

Center of Capabilities is being replaced with Talent Intelligence Hub, capabilities portfolio with Growth Portfolio and the Capabilities Library with the Attributes Library.

An interesting blog about the Talent Intelligent Hub can be found here.

Integration with other modules

It provides an integration with the latest home page. Via the quick actions it can take you directly to the Opportunity Market Place. Also, it provides the option to approve assignment requests.

When Dynamic Teams is enabled, team owners can publish an assignment in OPM that defines the capabilities, geographic preference, and other requirements they want team members to fulfill. People can find and accept the assignment in SAP’s Opportunity Market Place. When someone accepts the assignment, they’re added to the dynamic team. Click here for further information about Dynamic Teams.

Data sources

It’s clear that OMP uses data from multiple data sources to show, collect and analyses the data to offer a variety of recommendations and insights. So, the availabilities and quality of the features within OMP is depending on the availability and quality of the data sources below:

  • Opportunity Market Place (Assignments)
  • Recruiting (internal job postings)
  • Learning (Courses, curriculum, Programs, Collections, Quick guides)
  • Succession and Development (Mentoring feature)
  • Career Worksheet (Suggested roles) or
  • Succession and development (Career Explorer)


For the full benefit of SAP’s Opportunity Market Place it’s interaction with multiple modules / features is required.  

To give you an idea of what additional actions need to be done, you can find a list of some of the prerequisites below. This is not a full list.

Module/Feature Functionality Prerequisite Source
Learning Learning recommendations based on competences JDM to JPB migration Proficiency setting wizard completed   SAP Note (need S-user)
Learning Learning recommendations based on competences Learning Competencies are migrated to Center of Capabilities (Center of Capabilities is being replaced with Talent Intelligence Hub) Help Portal
Learning Learning Recommendations, Assignments, and Searching Courses in SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace Enabling Learning Recommendations Help portal
Succession and Development Allows users to manage the job roles they’re considering and the associated competencies, so as to gain an understanding of the development efforts required to move into target roles Configure Career Worksheet Help portal
Succession and Development Users can find the mentors and mentoring programs recommended specifically for them in the Connect with People section. Configure Mentoring Help Portal
Latest Homepage Quick action to OMP   Quick actions OMP turned on Help Portal
Latest Homepage Approving or declining requests for assignments Enabled the specific approval in Configure Assignments Help Portal
Dynamic teams Integration between dynamic teams and OMP Enable Dynamic teams and set permissions Help Portal
Recruiting Open jobs, originating from SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, are recommended for users based on their target roles and their job titles in the Discover Open Jobs section SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting in use Help Portal

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