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Managing employee’s performance from a virtual environment

During these challenging times of a pandemic, many people are forced to change their current work environment by moving virtual and to “working from home.” As you can imagine, these can result in changes and with changes, there can come challenges. You may not have that daily face to face interaction with your manager anymore or you may have to work a full-time job and teach your child school. So, how do you manage this and still meet your performance goals?

Performance goals may be constantly changing as individual or corporate priorities shift, even more so in these unprecedented times. Managers may find it more difficult to keep track of what their employees are working on. It is easy to feel isolated without regular interaction which can lead to disengagement and lack of motivation. Managers can combat this by providing frequent feedback and coaching to ensure employees are staying on task and feel valued and included even without daily face-to-face interaction.

With SAP SuccessFactors, there are two especially important features during this remote working period are Continuous Performance Management and Goal Management. Both are important because with less employee visibility (since everyone is working at home) it is more difficult to know what an employee is working on. With daily CPM, coupled with regular 1:1 meetings and updated goals, managers can maintain work visibility in place of the face-to-face interaction that was available previously.

Continuous Performance Management enables employees to get regular feedback from their managers in a structured way. CPM also provides managers a way to monitor the progress of their employees and to coach them. Mobile functionality supports on-the-go access to CPM, making it easy for employees and managers to update their activities and provide feedback even in today’s virtual climate. Activities and achievements can be linked to goals, ensuring the employee is focused on tasks that relate back to their objectives for the year. This year, SuccessFactors introduced a different version of CPM:

  • Designed for customers that want a more streamlined version (no ad hoc feedback, coaching comments, etc.)
  • Intended to increase efficiency and ease of use for employees and managers
  • Provides the ability to add activities from the home page
  • Activities can be converted to achievements upon completion, like in the previous version
  • Enabled through the Admin Center

Employee Activity View:


Image preview


Meeting View:

Tracks new activities, achievements, and completed activities that have occurred since the last 1:1 meeting


Image preview


Engage your employees, ignite better performance, and retain key talent to drive better business results. Motivate your employees to perform at their best and create a true pay-for-performance culture through winning performance management and smarter compensation. HR Path’s packaged solution offers you a full comprehensive HR/Talent solution that focuses on maximizing the value of your SuccessFactors applications. Our Perform and Reward processes include goal management, performance management, compensation, and variable pay.

HR Path understands and we are here to help you during these challenges. If you would like to schedule a call with one of our Performance Consultants – free of charge – please contact us today. We can also provide demos on every area of SAP SuccessFactors, so be sure to reach out to us to learn more.

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