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My first year as an HR Path consultant by Bram Mookhoek

It has been just over a year since I started my career at HR Path. After finishing my HR studies, I was looking for a job within an organization that would challenge me to learn several aspects of the HR working field. After having my interviews with my current manager, I couldn´t wait to get started in this organization. It became clear to me that this job could offer me what I wanted. During my employment, it turned out that it would be even more than that.

Working as a consultant does not only mean a variety in projects, because at HR Path it also means you’re working in an international setting. As a European employee I got the chance to work for American and African clients at the same time. Internal calls with colleagues who are working on the same project (but for different global regions) will slowly get you used to wishing your colleagues either good morning or good evening during the same call. How international do you want it, right?

Besides working in different time zones, as a consultant with HR Path you’ll also have the chance to gain experience in other working fields such as marketing and sales. So, our responsibilities reach far beyond just the HR field, which helps you to gain more knowledge of not only our business but business itself. Although my main job is working on SuccessFactors implementations for different clients, it doesn’t mean that I won’t keep my eyes open for potential customers. Seeing and seizing chances to find potential clients is basically an ongoing process. It might even be the case that you’d want to follow a pre-sales training to make that job a bit easier. In addition, we as HR Path representatives can take responsibility for lending a hand to marketing as well. Who else could give a better impression of working at HR Path than the ones who work there? The same goes for the recruitment aspect of the organization as well. We can all chip in as a team or as an individual to help find new colleagues, whether they’re seniors or juniors or anything in between.
I’d say a job at HR Path is one that checks the box of ‘versatile.’

However, being involved in more business processes doesn’t mean we don’t have our own focus. Like I mentioned, my main job as a consultant is implementing the system I’m certified for, being SAP SuccessFactors.
During my working days I have calls with both clients and colleagues working in the same team. The calls with clients are usually recurring on (bi-)weekly basis and are set up to discuss the clients wishes within their HR system. These sessions are also meant for us as consultants to keep the customer updated about our progress, to test and demo the system and to check if additional changes are desired. During our internal sessions we discuss how we can live up to our customer’s needs and plan our actions in detail to make sure we are always delivering our work in time. The combination between these two calls make that our projects live up to the standards one may expect from an HRIS consultant. But how does it work to get experienced in this pretty particular field? First of all, you will need a certificate to become an Associate Consultant and have access to the customer’s system. To get certified, HR Path offers a learning journey giving you all the information to pass your exams. That’s plural, because you have the chance to specialize in one or more modules that SAP SuccessFactors offers. Since several HR processes exist, several certifications are there to obtain. For example, we offer modules in Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance and Goals, Compensation and Recruiting Marketing, but also in pretty handy ones like Reporting, Time Tracking and Time Off. In deliberation with your manager, you can choose the ones that interest you and are relevant to your region. Since there aren’t that many SuccessFactors consultants, the latter makes sure you could be an expert in certain modules within your region.

After getting certified, you will start as a consultant on your first projects under supervision of experienced, more senior colleagues who can help you get more knowledgeable in your field of expertise. This makes sure a lot of knowledge will be shared between colleagues and gives your own skills a boost. You feel more comfortable after every project and are working on getting more confident as an independent consultant every day. After a while you may become an expert in your own topic. Won’t your job become boring then? The answer almost couldn’t be yes, because you can always start learning a new module and become a more all-round consultant.
Of course, working in consultancy means you sometimes need to be flexible with your working hours, since we work on projects worldwide. Let’s say Dolly Parton would have to expand her repertoire to keep up with the different time zones we work in. Thank you Microsoft, for automatically calculating the time differences for MS Teams invites.

Because we’re operating in a specialized working field, there are opportunities for everyone to pick up depending on your own interests and talents. Although this is of course great for your personal career, it might sometimes be a challenge to decide what path you’re going to take. HR Path believes that every individual has its own talents and that it’s important to not only effectively use those, but to enjoy them too. So don’t be afraid that this organization shies away from having a discussion with you on what your career path might look like, depending on your desires. This approach doesn’t only help you professionally, but personally as well. Obviously, this makes it important that you are open to new experiences and to challenge yourself. Like I mentioned before, ambitions in pre-sales, marketing or recruitment won’t be ignored.

Our Benelux team is composed of a group of people that work hard on one side, but have lots of fun together on the other. Although we’re adapting as an organization to hybrid working, we like to meet up for drinks, city trips or other activities. Having a drink and a bite together after a working day is not uncommon in either Amsterdam or Antwerp, where our offices are based. Once in a while we organize a bigger event to get together with the entire team. Think of a city trip to Ghent, going out for dinner or have a barbecue in the park. The icing on the cake is our annual congress though. Obviously, this event takes place every year and HR Path colleagues come together somewhere for a 3-day event which takes place somewhere a bit further than the office. Last year we went to Mallorca, where we had great food, parties, boat rides, city tours and games, as well as enough free time to explore the island ourselves. This year our European Congress will take us to Marrakech during the first weekend of October. Updates on that will follow, I’m sure.

So, how did I experience my first year at HR Path? I got the chance to develop several skills on different subjects, started learning about all the possibilities SuccessFactors offers for a wide variety of clients, got the chance to work with great organizations worldwide and met a lot of fantastic people who welcomed me with open arms into this inspiring organization.

If you’re looking for a job that helps you grow both personally and professionally in a great, I’d say almost familiar, working environment, HR Path should be high up on your list of considerations.

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