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NUBO Payroll Benefits for Small and Medium Enterprises

When the world has been notified on recession threat in 2023, as of one of the emerging regions, the recovery of economic environment for developing countries post-pandemic relies more on the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and growing businesses. The need of reconstructing the payroll regulation and the structure in the HR system is essential.

Some of these countries have faced significant changes to the hiring demand and human resources strategies that. In Vietnam, for example. According to Vietnam Investment Review, the changes’ factor bring a result of a possible increasing salaries for Vietnam workers in different regions that will effective in 2023. They expect to have the right people when they seek well remuneration.

The same goes to Indonesia. Human Resources Director website stated that Indonesia will have increased salaries by 6,1% in 2023. The high hiring demand with right candidates and administration management are becoming more crucial in order to have business continuity and growth. These two things can define deep impact to the company operation.

In Singapore, on the other hand, the current market is slowing down and employment opportunities are degrading. Salary increase might happen but not to all sectors.

What can we, as one of HR experts, do to help the SME and growing businesses to cope with matters above?

NUBO HR covers all SAP SuccessFactors suite for any level of businesses and enterprises. The pre-configured, best-in-class HRIS with faster adoption and lower cost is probably the exact solution for helping the SME and growing businesses deal with the reconstruction of payroll regulation as they tend to have less complexity in regulation and structure, which means quite manageable for those who need the digital payroll transformation in such a short period.

Come in perfect timing, the HR Path’s NUBO Payroll has currently been launched and is now available in Asia Pacific region, including Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam. The first launch was done in Indonesia in one of the biggest consumer finance industries, AEON Credit Service with the module implemented was Performance and Goals management. Seeing how this module had been successfully deployed in just 4,5 weeks, HR Path wants to ensure that NUBO Payroll also ready at everyone’s service.

This time, the SME and growing businesses will not have to worry about reconstructing payroll regulation or the complicated integration when changing the HR system because NUBO brings the efficiency and the capabilities that they need.

The benefits you can get from NUBO Payroll

What makes NUBO Payroll excelled from other payroll HRIS is that HR Path has built the methodology in the most efficient way to support customers’ requirements that are in line with the national government regulation. It has the benefits as the following:

  • Saving Time – One Click Away

The new NUBO Payroll HR allows you to check data from standard based regulation where all processes are shown in a user-friendly dashboard, one click for each process.

  • Simulation to Monitoring Process

The new NUBO Payroll HR allows you to do simulation in which validate employees’ master data and payroll result before the actual run, distribute issues with sending alerts to payroll admin, and monitor the issues until handled.

  • Pre-defined Reporting

The new NUBO Payroll HR allows you to have standard reporting generation to ensure the data validation.

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