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Pandemic Pushes More Companies to Digitize Human Capital Management

HR Path prepares solutions for small-medium enterprises based on SAP SuccessFactors.

The pandemic is changing the way people collaborate in the world of work today and in the future. The community is faced with the era of remote work and calls for social distancing between employees. Remote work which is part of the new normal has the potential to reduce employee productivity. New ways of working are imperative to maintain productivity and competitiveness so as to maintain and improve the company’s sustainability.

HR Path, an HRIS (human resources information system) consulting company headquartered in France, revealed that there is an increasing trend in many companies in implementing digital platforms and resource planning in response to the culture of remote work. Currently, there are quite a number of initiatives and requests for HRIS solutions, as indicated by the number of open tenders compared to the pre-pandemic period.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the wisdom that we cannot predict the environment. We are proud to assist our customers on their digital transformation journey by enabling them to adapt to changes with the help of cutting-edge HR technology and leading practice processes, to ultimately make them more resilient” said Sebastien Corominas, Partner HR Path APAC.

HR Path believes this trend will continue to increase in the years to come. A survey conducted by HR Path shows that almost all companies impose new rules for their employees, to work in the office only 2 or 3 days a week, not because of the pandemic, but because they feel they don’t have to go to the office. This is a new normal that is not just a name but a way of working that has changed.

With a background as an HR consultant, HR Path looks at it from a strategic HR perspective, not just HR operations. HR Path takes a consulting approach that is supported by the SAP SuccessFactors solution as a software-as-a-service (SaaS). The SAP SuccessFactors cloud platform makes collaboration attractive because it can be accessed from anywhere at any time without depending on IT people to maintain. Everyone can work anywhere because work-from-home creates different timezones, it is no longer possible for people to work in single zones. Organizationally it becomes leaner, less hierarchical, and metric.

SAP SuccessFactors as a strategic HR solution has modules with their respective functions, namely Recruiting as a supporter in recruitment, Onboarding 2.0 as a supporter in the readiness of prospective employees, Learning as a product knowledge learning aid, Performance & Goals as a supporter in knowing employee KPIs and tasks them, Compensation as a supporter in calculating additional benefits, Succession as a supporter in determining the right position in an organization, Development as a supporter in planning future career paths, Employee Central as a Core HR supporter, Employee Central Payroll as a support in the payroll process. The modules used can come from recommendations by HR Path consultants or based on company requests.

Another advantage of the HR Path is the experience and network spread not only in Asia Pacific, but also in America and Europe, which spans decades. Indonesian companies that partner with HR Path will have a broader insight into human resources. They can find out trends in the human resource management industry that occur abroad and apply them in Indonesia as an added value to the solutions provided by HR Path, making them superior to competitors. It also allows client companies to select consultants from all branches of the HR Path in different parts of the world.

HR Path helps companies determine policies towards their employees. Transparency, processes, and valid data enable the policies taken to support the company’s strategic policies. HR management has an analysis of data of people, helping corporate level policy makers have valid visibility when they want to determine the direction of the company.

HR Path targets doubling growth in the next three years. To achieve this target, HR Path prepares solutions not only for Enterprise, but also for Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) companies that have a larger market. The toughest competition actually occurs in the SME sector with many companies competing. SMEs that carry out digital transformation will succeed in increasing the profitability and scalability of their business. “The pandemic is driving SMEs to mature faster and making them realize the importance of digital transformation for their business. HR Path as a market leader in the enterprise class facilitates SME companies to grow and develop with their experience and expertise,” concluded Sebastien Corominas.

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