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Position Management within SuccessFactors Employee Central

In SuccessFactors’ Employee Central, Position Management is a feature that helps create jobs and positions to better enhance and define a business’s needs. From its integrations to its enhanced elements, there are many functionalities and features you may not fully understand or be leveraging within Position Management in Employee Central. Although, with every system, there are things to consider with different solutions. HR Path explains more about Position Management within SuccessFactors below. Please note at the bottom of the page there is a form to fill out to receive the full presentation on Position Management in Employee Central.

What does Position Management do?

There are many options to consider with Position Management but primarily it does the following:

  • Position Management is a solution for facilitating a company’s organizational management.
  • Customers can maintain a target organizational structure by creating a central repository of authorized positions. A position enables the hiring of one or more employees with the specified job classification onto the position.
  • It allows the planning and assignment of resources that are needed in
    the organization, independent from actual employee assignments.
  • You can attach further information to positions that can be used beyond
    employee assignments, such as succession data, requisitions, job profiles
    and more.

Why use Position Management?

  • While positions are vacant, HR can work with them to plan and structure the organization and use the information for recruiting
  • Vacancies can be tracked, and the position data can be used to store succession data and when opening requisitions
  • On hire/transfer, data is propagated from positions to employees’ job information. This means higher data quality and stronger HR control
  • When employees are temporarily off their positions, their job can be temporarily staffed, and the reporting line is automatically adapted

Things you may not know with Position Management

You don’t have to use position management for the whole organization

  • Many organizations use it for their salary or white-collar workers only
  • Hourly employees are either connected to one high-level position under the direct report or not put into a position at all and just remain in a job

There is a high amount of flexibility with position management

  • Can have a choice whether to default data case by case
  • Can have different workflows (approval process) depending on location, job, etc.
  • When an employee moves out of a position due to transfer to termination, the user can determine whether to open a vacancy or not (determines if the position will be ready to fill)

If you are interested in learning more about Position Management or SuccessFactors, please reach out to us. We are happy to get you connected with an expert to discuss further.

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