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SAP SuccessFactors Health and Vaccine Tracking Portlet

In 2020, organizations were reactive to the pandemic situation and focused on new ways to manage the remote workforce. In 2021 organizations are proactive and planning to safely bring the workforce back to an office setting. With Vaccination playing a key role, many companies are strategizing plans for safe return to the workplace based on employee’s current health and vaccine status.

Every region and country is dealing with the COVID-19 vaccination and testing situation differently. In some regions, it is becoming part of local legislation to collect this data depending on the size of the organization. In other regions, it is either under discussion or it is not allowed to collect this data. Hence, customers will need a solution that adapts to their evolving regional requirements. Additionally, each solution has unique subscription requirements and prerequisites.

Just as technology was key to a successful work-from-home transition, it is also essential when employees step foot into their workplaces again. SAP introduced a new service offering named the Back-to-Work package in Q4 2020 to support an effective workplace return. One of the key components of the offering is Return: Bringing back your workforce safely. Many organizations are figuring out ways to track employees’ Health and Vaccination Status to manage the effective workplace return strategy.

The Health and Vaccination Tracking portlet leverages the SuccessFactors MDF framework to provide SuccessFactors customers with a template to manage their workforce during the pandemic. This solution offers the ability to:

  • Monitor and track employee’s Health and Vaccine status
  • Produce analytics to identify & support high-risk employees based on location, business unit, department age, work area, etc.

SAP SuccessFactors Health and Vaccine Tracking Portlet

• A free add-on for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Customers showcasing the power of their existing SuccessFactors solution and our commitment to their success
• All target employees must be part of the Employee Central dataset to meet the data collection and reporting requirements for COVID-19 vaccination tracking
• Available for download from the SuccessFactors Upgrade Center with an included how-to guide for configuring
• License/subscription required: SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
• Prerequisites: Employee Central and role-based permission migration; for reporting, the customer must have Report Stories enabled

Qualtrics Vaccination & Testing Manager

• Quick, no-code solution leveraging Qualtrics EmployeeXM for IT which can be deployed on top of any Core HR solution
• Can be positioned to existing SAP SuccessFactors and/or SAP customers who have not yet implemented Employee Central
• HXM sellers will receive quota credit based on the existing Qualtrics Shared Objective guidance
• License/subscription required: Qualtrics EmployeeXM for IT Technology (XM4IT)
• Prerequisites: None

As with any new Opt-in functionality, we recommend you consult with HR Path, an SAP partner to customize the COVID Portal etc. before deploying in production.

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