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SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0 an update

Please note: the Dates and functionality mentioned are not SAP official statements. Please refer to ONB2.0 Jam page  for the latest updates on timelines and functionality.

Exactly a year ago we wrote an article on the roadmap of SuccessFactors onboarding and the anticipated move to the BizX platform. The platform almost all modules of SuccessFactors are based on which have common data values and seamless integration.

We shared information on the timelines, functionality and implementation/upgrade advice. As that was a year ago AND it’s one of our most visited blogs, it’s time for an update. The good news is that the information provided earlier is still valid. Here some more exciting updates:


SuccessFactors is on track for a general release of Onboarding 2.0 in the 1911 release (which translates to November 2019). BETA releases are currently going on and are extended to customers (which have other SuccessFactors modules implemented per the 1902 release. In the 1905 release, part of the migration framework and toolset for existing customers will be released but most current Onboarding clients won’t likely migrate until the second half of 2020. From the 1908 release, current Onboarding clients have the option to sign up for the BETA migration.

So what to do if you have SuccessFactors onboarding currently? There are some important things you can do:


In our previous article, we mentioned some specific improvements. In addition:

  • SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0 will move away from the SharePoint based employee Portal. They have enhanced the current Homepage to support the most common use cases of the Employee Portal.
  • If you want E-Signature in Onboarding 2.0 it will have to be DocuSign.
  • The three-step (PHV, NES, Orientation) process will no longer be required. You will have more flexibility in configuring your own best practice Onboarding processes.
  • SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0 will use Odata based APIs through the Integration Center. The existing version of Onboarding uses SOAP apis.
  • You will continue to be able to build custom forms but now through a new mapping and business rule configuration tool.
  • SuccessFactors is building a new notification framework for Onboarding 2.0 and will migrate existing configurations.
  • Advanced conditions are being updated to Business Rules.

These changes are fantastic and will continue for SuccessFactors Onboarding to be the preferred solution. Looking a bit further ahead, below are the core focus areas for SuccessFactors Onboarding:

  1. New Hire Engagement and Experience
    • Employee transitions
    • Engaging UX
    • Wellbeing
  2. Enterprise, Global Customer needs
    • Admin efficiency
    • Automation
    • Suite integration
  3. Scalability and Reliability
    • Compliance
    • Total Workforce
    • Extensibility with 3rd Parties

Implementation/upgrade advice

The best advice depends on your current situation. Please see below the most common ones. Are you in a different situation and not sure, what to do? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

I have SuccessFactors onboarding

If it works fine for you now, stay where you are. If you are an early adopter, contact your SF rep to see if you can signup for a BETA upgrade as early as the August 2019 (1908) release.  Please see the below tips what you can do to prepare if you are going to migrate in 2020 or 2021.

  • Keep yourself up to date on
  • Follow the latest news on the Onboarding 2.0 JAM page
  • Look on the learning hub for training on Onboarding 2.0
  • Review the original workbook of the implementation and make sure you incorporated the updates you made. This will help your consulting partner to make a good estimate on the effort to upgrade when you’re ready
  • Keep up with the quarterly releases and stay in great shape for upgrading

I don’t have SuccessFactors onboarding yet.

You can wait until November 2019 or ask to be part of the BETA program for Onboarding 2.0. The BETA program has been running since the 1805 release and we’re close to the general release so not too much risk there.

I’m currently implementing SuccessFactors Onboarding

Keep things standard and use out of the box processes:

  • Use JAM or the Homepage Framework for the Employee Portal.
  • Use DocuSign if you want to use E-Signatures.
  • Minimize the number of external integrations as they take more effort to migrate.
  • Make sure you reduce custom field use and label them clearly.
  • And most important, document everything very well; notifications, trigger, business rules, conditions, process definition, visualization.

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