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SuccessFactors Picklist Migration Upgrade

What is it?

SAP SuccessFactors is upgrading administrative tools for picklist management and migrating legacy picklists to the Picklist Center. This migration will leverage SAP SuccessFactors Metadata Framework (MDF) and provide a simplified approach to picklists.



What you need to know on migrations

Over the coming months of 2019, all legacy picklists will be migrated to the new framework in batches of customers and Data Centers based on their implementation complexity. ​

Eligible customers are notified 30 days prior to their scheduled migration through a Support Service Alert automatic email.  SAP SuccessFactors will perform the migration on preview instance(s) and provide approximately two weeks for testing and preparation before performing the migration on production instance(s).​ The advantages of the Picklist center are:

  • Single, suite-wide set of picklist​ – You only have to manage a single picklist for each picklist type. For example, if you need a Country picklist in several places, you don’t have to maintain separate Country picklists and create a mapping between them.
  • Effective-dating – You can assign an effective date to picklist values so that they are only shown as of their assigned effective date.



Preparing your instance

In many cases, you do not need to do anything to prepare for your picklist migration, other than plan for post-migration testing.​

However, if you receive a notification stating there are data conflicts that need to be corrected, you will have 45 days to correct (on both Preview and Production instances) and will be automatically removed from the original migration date. You will be assigned to a “clean up” date.​

If SAP has identified conflicts or issues, you need to resolve them, using tools that they provide, before they can complete the migration. You can resolve many of these conflicts with the new Picklist Merge Tool.


Creating the perfect picklist to prevent conflicts

You must make sure you ID Picklist is the same on both MDF and Legacy picklists. This is not case sensitive. Your external code, status, and labels should be all the same.  Options in picklist are the same for both MDF and Legacy picklists.



If you need any help with creating your perfect picklists or Picklist Center, feel free to reach out to us or request support on your process with the contact page.

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