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The adoption of new HR technologies



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What is “the adoption”?

The adoption concept is part of a company’s digital innovation project and goes beyond change management. Adoption is the concrete result of an effective coaching process that ultimately leads to the efficient use of new technologies by users, but also to the proper understanding and integration of new practices and processes. In this context, a new market around   Digital Adoption platforms (DAP) makes it possible to offer support to users directly in the new solutions implemented.


How is this innovative?

In the panoply of ways to accompany change, these Digital Adoption Platforms offer us a new  way that is based on a less traditional approach. Indeed, paper user guides are replaced by contextual help (information bubbles) and guidance sequences directly in the application like a GPS that guides us from point A to point B.


And how does it work in practice?

These platforms integrate several features but the first feature that stands out is the ability to guide the user through a step-by-step process (again like a GPS). When the user needs it, he activates the platform and a bubble will appear to explain the next step in the process. The user can then be guided to the end of the process. Another even more powerful feature allows you to ask questions to a chatbot who answers and pre-fills the form, for the user, according to its answers. Next step, integration with Siri or okGoogle!


At HR Path, which digital adoption platform do you offer to customers?  

We mainly work with WalkMe. This platform is flexible and efficient for all types of applications from all major software publishers. For HR Path, it’s a huge advantage because we have a lot of partners and many different projects.  It should be noted that technically speakingthere is nothing to install on the users’ workstations, the platform simply adds an “additional layer” of interaction that is above the different applications concerned.


What are the other facets of WalkMe?

In addition to guiding and automating certain processes via chatbot, the Engagement function allows information to be disseminated at the right time to communicate news and/or other relevant content to users. This feature helps to manage the communication about evolutions of the application. On the other hand, the Insights function is quite powerful, it allows users to analyze the completion or not of processes thanks to Walkme. Thus, the administrators of the new application can quickly identify where to optimize processes and where to offer more support.


In what context is a digital adoption platform truly efficient?

The implementation of a digital adoption platform is relevant in the context of a large-scale digital project and in case the support strategy is intended to be light and very digital. In other words, a platform such as Walkme is efficient in projects where training times are limited, where users already have a fairly good digital maturity and where the management wants to focus on the digital whole. On the other hand,  WalkMe can also be a powerful tool if processes run through several different applications. So, the multi-application guidance can be a real help for the user.


A final word on Digital Adoption Platforms?

For HR Path, it’s an opportunity to support customers with new digital solutions and ensure the sustainability of change with one tool.


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