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Three reasons your organization needs an AMS partner for their HRIS

Like many organizations, you most likely have an enterprise HRIS (Human Resources Information System or Human Capital Management). With an HRIS, it is important to make sure you are taking full advantage of its capabilities. So, what is the point of getting an AMS (Application Management Services) partner in place of consultants?

Here are three reasons why AMS is crucial for your organization:

1. Allows your organization to be more strategic with their HRIS

Getting an AMS partner will ensure that your company gets more value out of your HRIS. This is accomplished by your AMS partner becoming an extension of your organization and focusing on more than simply keeping your HRIS running smoothly. Instead, your AMS partner will focus on empowering your organization to understand how to get the most out of your HRIS solution.

2. Makes your HRIS tailored to your organization, instead of just another program

An investment AMS can provide a multitude of services for your organization to ensure that your Human Resource Information System (HRIS) fits your needs. Whether you use your AMS partner to help employees learn skills, optimize processes, or more, AMS can lead to all your employees having increased productivity in less time! Over time your business and IT needs will change. Your AMS partner will adapt to meet them, and work to get the right type of support for your organization.

3. AMS improves adoption throughout your organization 

A goal every organization should have is to discover inefficiencies and improve them, another goal is to minimize the poor performance impact. With AMS it is possible to do both with the ability to fine-tune your HRIS to fit your changing needs constantly. AMS also focuses your HRIS  on end-user experience, which means easier experiences for your employees and fewer problems for your IT department to deal with.

Do you have an HRIS partner in place? At HR Path, we can support you with all aspects of your HR organization, making sure you are up to date with the newest and greatest technology. Interested in learning more? Contact us here and we can connect you with an expert.

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