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What is the role of Human Resources?

The main role of Human Resource today is to help people and organizations grow!

When Dave Ulrich proposed that the HR Business Partner role be fundamentally a business-focused HR Manager role, he invented the emperor’s new clothes. This new role, however, was established with little influence in practice.

So, where does that leave HR today, and more specifically, where does it leave HR in SMEs?

HR professionals who wish to be recognized as true Business Partners to business owners must first consider themselves as business people who specialize in HR, not HR people who advise a business. In an ideal environment, this would necessitate HR professionals emerging from within a firm or shifting out of HR to work in a line management position to obtain perspective and training.

This is a big step, especially for those of us who have only known a career in human resources. However, as the Managing Director of a business, I can tell you that you must immediately learn how a business runs, specifically how to prioritize resources and time to ensure economic success. You also understand the true value of customers and how critical they are to the organization’s success.

But what else can human resources do to help firms grow?

Find and keep employees that believe in your company and its principles…

Organizations of all sizes must develop, advertise, and sell an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that reflects the entity’s genuine culture as well as the purpose for its existence. If your internal staff are not living your values, they are not truly involved in what you are attempting to do!

If they are not engaged, they will not go the additional mile when you need them, nor will they stay the course when things go difficult.

If you’re not sure what your employees think about working for you, ask them directly or through an anonymous poll. An organization, should want to hire people who are enthusiastic about your cause and purpose.

Create a few interview questions with your HR provider to find a good fit with a possible employee during an interview. You may tell if a candidate is a good fit by searching for similar themes in their responses (those that run parallel to the job they are applying for and reflects the mission of your organization).

Establish Organizational Alignment

Building a successful and sustainable organization necessitates a collaborative team effort. Something is wrong if an individual or department succeeds but everyone else fails. Individual performances cannot shine amid the darkest of circumstances. Instead, high-performing individuals and departments should be expected to help those around them achieve great things as well.

Leaders, staff, and departments must think “organization first” in all activities and goals. Everyone, from the top down, must promote this way of thinking. Building incentive, reward, and recognition systems that connect employees to the organization’s core purpose and mission, as well as short- and long-term goals, will bring the organization together and ensure everyone has a stake in the game.

Measure the Right Things Correctly

HR will frequently inform you that successful measurement of their achievement is linked to:

  • The number of completed yearly appraisals
  • The time it takes to complete a normal HR process, such as a disciplinary.
  • The number of successful tribunal claims
  • The hiring process’s speed
  • The number of managers who have been trained in an HR process.

Of course, good measurement is essential to the success of any organization; otherwise, how would you recognize progress?

To be commercial, every component of your organization, including HR, must ask the following questions at least quarterly:

  • Are we doing the right thing for our employees, customers, and company?
  • What impact do we have on the top and bottom lines?
  • How can we assess the performance and influence of our organizations?

The answers to these types of inquiries and measurements assist drive your organization’s performance.

It is critical to have thepeace of mind that someone is available to counsel and coach you while your business grows amid unpredictable times. Learn more about how HR can help your organization by seeing our infographic and video.

HR Path can assist you with HR difficulties by providing practical, legally compliant HR advice. We can be “hands on” and handle difficulties on your behalf, or we can advise and guide from behind the scenes.

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