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Where do we locate the heart of Human Resources Information Systems?

Beating with one heart, respecting the sensibilities and idiosyncrasies of the territories and countries in which it operates, is an aspiration for almost all of the international companies with which I have the pleasure and pleasure of working. My own company, HR Path , invests a lot of effort and resources in being a global company without losing local sensitivity.

Globalization is a recent phenomenon that is here to stay, many of the companies that have not taken the step beyond their national borders have plans to do so. The multiculturalism and internationality of projects and businesses is the day-to-day of many professionals, the trend will continue to increase and, probably, at an increasingly high rate.

In this scenario, the harmonization of processes and, therefore, of the information systems that support them, has gone from being a trend to being a necessity that must be channeled and managed from many areas and perspectives, among others, and to a great extent. extent, from the Human Resources department.

At this point, it is where the heart of the Human Resources (the Core HR by its name in English) of the companies takes on all the relevance. Projects to centralize Human Resources management systems cover most of the Digital and Cultural Transformation projects in which we are participating. There is a clear need to have a global management system that respects and contemplates the idiosyncrasies of each territory.

We are talking about systems that allow information to be exploited globally: What is the total HeadCount of our group? In which areas, territories or countries are we meeting parity criteria? What is the band positioning of a given profile and How do they change from one territory to another? These are just a small sample of all the KPI‘s that are essential when making decisions that make our company a competitive multinational in our sector.

But we are not only talking about an analytics system for decision makers, we are talking about systems that support the Human Resources processes of all the actors in our organization: staff, collaborators, managers and managers. In addition, naturally, from the Human Resources department itself.

To harmonize all these processes we need a powerful Core HR system that acts as:

  • Global Personnel Management System . Sustaining the particularities of each country in its processes of registration, cancellation, organizational change, among others.
  • Employee and manager portal . Supporting languages, nomenclatures and formats of each country.
  • Core HR that integrates with the different local Payroll Calculation systems.

At HR Path we can help you define the best market practices in harmonizing Human Resources management processes in multinationals, which is the business solution that best suits your needs and how to integrate it with local payroll systems.

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