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Why testing your SuccessFactors platform is even more critical with only having 2 releases a year

As you probably know by now SuccessFactors moved from having quarterly release updates (four a year) to now only two a year (1st half and 2nd half). When SuccessFactors moved to a bi-annual release schedule, clients were singing praises. Since there is a longer length of time between releases, the assumption was that any issues introduced would be resolved through a patch long before the next release.  However, this seems to not be the case.

In some areas of SuccessFactors, there could be issues that would not be addressed until the mid-year release and then resolved at the year-end release. If SuccessFactors introduces issues into the release, customers will need to live with this for six months. For this reason, customers will need to pay close attention to issues introduced by the release to be sure their system is running optimally until the issues are resolve during the next release.  This is why ongoing testing is critical.

So, you may be asking when should I test and how often? Yes, each client is different therefore your testing strategy can be customized. We suggest testing monthly for several reasons including establishing a reference point before and after releases, identifying unexpected bugs that may occur, and of course, to make sure you’re your system is operating the way it should. Although, testing can be done more frequently if you enable new functionalities or have configuration changes.

Do not worry, HR Path has a Test4Success automated testing service for SuccessFactors that can save you time, costs, and ultimately reduce risk in your environment. With our Test4Success offering, you can automate all testing for every module of SuccessFactors. We have created a service that offers 1,000+ predefined tests that are adaptable to your environment. Test4Success also creates customized tests to cater exactly to your needs. As well as our automated testing offering, we have a manual testing service that can make sure your whole testing strategy is being optimized to its full advantage.

Interested in learning more? Be sure to register for our webinar on Wednesday, July 29th at 10:00 am EST. We will cover the following and answer any questions you may have.

  • What is automated testing?
  • How can you automate testing in a cloud environment like SuccessFactors?
  • Automated testing during releases and updates
  • How other companies are using Automated Testing for SuccessFactors
  • How automated testing works together with support services

Click here to register for the Test4Success Webinar.

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