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WorkZone for HR is replacing JAM in SAP SuccessFactors

SAP Work Zone for HR is designed for empowering the employee experience. All transformations within an organization are people-focused. The top drivers for these changes are primarily based on cost savings and increased employee productivity. Are you equipped to respond?  

Today, the employee experience includes – the employee’s journey, the functional service centers, and the management systems – which is fragmented, and this fragmentation results in a poor employee experience.

SAP Work Zone for HR provides a personalized, intuitive digital workplace experience that provides easy access to relevant business applications and processes, information, and communication in a unified entry point for work with the employee at the center. 

So, how does SAP Work Zone for HR empower a better employee experience? You can look forward to a self-service experiencestreamlined processes, easy access and information at your fingertip, etc.  

By leveraging this solution, you can achieve an out of the box solution with integrated applications, consumer-grade experiences to do daily work, and push content employees need and reduce time spent searching. Collaboration and engagements are a major feature in this. You can find and connect with people and content to do your job plus bring employees into discussions. WorkZone for HR really brings together everything HR and organizations need into one place. 

Some of its key capabilities are:  

A connected and engaged workforce 

  • Ongoing and open communication and discussion 
  • Knowledge sharing of top-down communication with bottom-up questions and discussion
  • Instant feedback 

Promotes a learning culture 

  • Learning rooms connected to courses 
  • Learning communities to network and share 
  •  Learning academies to drive awareness to offerings and initiatives 

Enables an agile workplace 

  • Provide secure, flexible access to company resources for employee work-life balance 
  • Simplify tasks with guided experiences 
  • Streamline programs and projects with templates 
  • Decrease employee time-to-contribution with onboarding and cross boarding communities 

Streamlines and integrates processes 

  • Easy access to your inbox and notifications 
  • Personalized home page and recommendations 
  • Prepackaged HR content and process templates 

It is as simple as this; better experiences make business and employees betterClick here to see a video to learn more about WorkZone for HR. If you are interested in learning how it can work within your organization or to speak to an expert, please contact us today.  

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