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The success of your projects also depends on the relevance of the HRIS you build. We are committed to offering you the technologies adapted to your organisations to support the transformation of your human resources. In addition to change management, we aim to ensure that your employees adopt the new tools.


Our expertise in HRIS consulting

HRIS Strategy

We help you choose HR solutions by assessing their performance levels and creating a master plan and roadmap. We estimate your budgets and plan your projects by drawing up detailed specifications.

– HRIS Diagnostics

Assessment of the maturity of your HRIS in the various functional areas

– HRIS master plan

Analysis of the existing system, development scenarios, definition of the short/medium/long term target

– Assistance in choosing solutions

Estimation of budget and schedule, identification of relevant solutions and drafting of specifications

– HRIS innovation

Monitoring and proposing a selection of innovative HR start-ups

Transformation SIRH

We set up a sector watch in order to offer you a selection of innovative start-ups adapted to your HR ecosystem. We facilitate and secure your HRIS transformation projects by providing project management assistance and project management from the design phase through to the deployment of the HR solution.

– Payroll & ATM & Process Reengineering

Re-engineering of associated processes and Payroll/Time and Activity Management white papers

– Change management plan

Adoption strategy, blended learning path, multi-channel communication plan and mobilisation of populations

Support for change

Nous animons des sessions de formations, de focus groupe ou d’ateliers de brainstorming and individual and group coaching. Our adoption strategy is based on a change management plan, blended learning paths and a multi-channel communication plan to unite your employees around your projects.

 – Impact analysis and change management strategy

Anticipating the impact of the solution’s deployment in terms of skills, culture, processes and tools to propose a strategy adapted to each population

– Training & Coaching

Facilitation of training sessions, focus groups or brainstorming workshops and individual and group coaching


They have chosen
HR Path

Many companies and institutions trust us to manage and support their HR projects.

Our mission is to accompany our clients from consulting to the implementation of HR solutions, to support and maintenance services.

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