Frequently asked questions

To better assist you, you will find below all the frequently asked questions about the BiHRdy solution. This FAQ will allow you to better understand our approach and our services.

What are the key points of the BiHRdy solution?

Multi-source :

Perform multidimensional analysis (correlating data from different sources) via a solution that integrates with all your IT environments.



With our customisable and scalable solution, benefit from a complete HR business catalogue to build the KPI’s adapted to your needs.


Mobile :

Also available on mobile & tablet, take your HR Business Intelligence platform with you everywhere.

What are the Themes covered by BiHRdy?

Workforce – Age – Seniority

To manage your workforce, get an overview of your employees


Mobility – Movement

Get a clear picture of the social climate in your company


Working hours

Calculate the real cost of absenteeism in your organization


Payroll – Compensation

Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your compensation strategy


Finance – ROI – Productivity

Calculate the ROI of your Human Capital



Get a better understanding of the issues related to your training activities



Optimize your recruitment process, from pre-hiring to post-hiring



Application of the concept of sustainable development to companies


DSN Analytics

Use DSN data in a decision-making dashboard

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