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Implementation and Services

HR Path and Talentsoft, is a strong partnership since 2013 between two members of the French Tech Next 40 offering both tools and business expertise with consultants fully dedicated to the application.

Our Talentsoft expertise

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Talentsoft Integrator

We have the capacity to accompany our customers in the implementation of Talentsoft modules, adapting to your needs thanks to our 3 project methodologies: Plug&Play, Adjust&Play, Customize&Play.

AMOA Talentsoft

Our team of expert consultants supports you in the implementation of your projects and guarantees that your decisions are in line with your needs.

Support Talentsoft

A complementary service to the TALENTSOFT RUN team adjusted to the variability of your requests and associated with a commitment to results.

Revendeur Talentsoft

HR Path engages with you on a single contract to maintain continuity in the management of your project while eliminating the risk of dilution of responsibility.

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HR Path has the capacity to support the customer in the implementation of the Talentsoft solution modules, with regard to the existing needs and challenges of the company and its organisation. To do this, HR Path offers three Talentsoft project methodologies: Plug&Play, Adjust&Play, Customize&Play.


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We have Talentsoft certified HRIS business consultants who adapt and customise the solution to your needs.


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HR Path has a team of expert consultants to support you in the implementation of your projects and ensure that your decisions are aligned with your needs.


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