Frequently asked questions

To better assist you, you will find below all the frequently asked questions about the Talentsoft solution. This FAQ will allow you to better understand our approach and our services.

How to implement Talentsoft?

HR Path has the capacity to support the customer in the implementation of the Talentsoft solution modules, with regard to the existing needs and challenges of the company and its organisation. To do this, HR Path offers three Talentsoft project methodologies: Plug&Play, Adjust&Play, Customize&Play.





  • Native HR Processes
  • Fast deployment
  • Easy to get started
  • Simple organisation


Adjust & Play

  • Native HR Processes
  • Adjustable parameters
  • Iterative approach
  • Agile decision making


Customize & Play

  • Adapted HR processes
  • Tailor-made approach
  • Advanced prototyping
  • Enhanced steering


What are the terms of the HR Path - Talentsoft partnership?


European leader in talent management, taking into account the specificities of different countries in its solution

Co-development, product roadmap influence and sharing of best practices to meet your needs and the evolutions of the HR function

Ergonomic application that is easy to develop independently

Access to a large European community of over 4,000 HR experts

Open digital platform that integrates and adapts easily to your current IS and its evolutions.

Rapid deployment at low cost


HR Path

  • European leader in HRIS application integration. HRM, GA, ATM and payroll experts on the market solutions
  • Talentsoft certified HRIS business consultants who adapt and customise the solution to your needs
  • Methodologies adapted to the client’s context for a rapid ROI with support services before, during and after the project (consulting, integration, project management and support)
  • Functional and technical consultants who support you in the development of your HRIS and, if necessary, in creating and maintaining your interfaces

What is the importance of the Talentsoft AMOA in a transformation project?

Setting up

HR Path has a team of expert consultants to support you in the implementation of your projects and ensure that your decisions are aligned with your needs.



When a module is used by the client for a sufficient period of time to provide feedback, our consultants are able to audit it and make recommendations to optimise its performance.


Continuous improvement

Our consultants will help you to develop the application and provide you with the best possible methods of use.

What are the support offers on Talentsoft? (TMA)

A complementary service to the TALENTSOFT RUN team adjusted to the variability of your demands & needs associated with a commitment to results.

  • Audit of your application
  • Outsourcing the administration of your TALENTSOFT platform
  • Taking charge of level 1 and 2 support for internal users
  • Follow-up of tickets and the relationship with TALENTSOFT

The overall approach to the delivery of the services consists of 3 phases:

  • Phase A: Audit and appropriation
  • Phase B: Recurrent services
  • Phase C: Reversibility


A commitment to results, not means