Frequently asked questions

To better assist you, you will find below all the frequently asked questions about Workday solutions. This FAQ will allow you to better understand our approach and our services.

How can HR Path support you in using Workday?

Implementing and maintaining Workday goes beyond simply optimizing your Workday system. Our Workday team, supported by our HR consultants, can advise and support your organisation by leveraging our knowledge, extensive experience and best practices.


Accompanying change

Change management is critical when implementing Workday. We offer a unique, tried and tested methodology that has been used in many deployments. We help you establish and lead a change management strategy around your Workday deployment.



Our consultants can provide consulting services ranging from process analysis and roadmaps to HR events and campaigns. Our programme experience allows us to offer a robust approach to project evaluation and audit.


Knowledge Management

Building and having the right knowledge is always a balance. We can help you achieve this with a wide range of knowledge management advisory services around known issue database (KEDB), configuration management, and knowledge base.


Our consultants offer training on the administration and use of Workday and its various modules throughout your digital transformation programmes.



3 different levels of test services are available to suit different scenarios.

  • ¬† Testing advice – Our consultants can provide advice on test management, regression testing and payroll to be carried out by your teams.

– Test management – Our consultants can develop robust test plans.

– Test support – Our teams can support your test teams by leveraging on-site or off-site resources.


Legislation and compliance

Our consultants have extensive legal and compliance knowledge. They can carry out audits, ensuring that your company’s data use is compliant with the GDPR and HR standards.

How to implement Workday?

As a certified partner, we follow Workday’s delivery methodology on every project. This methodology takes advantage of the on-demand environment and Workday’s features will ensure a smooth transition to the tool when it goes live. HR Path has enriched the standard Workday implementation methodology by leveraging best practices from its extensive experience with the solution, saving time and efficiency.

HR Path is involved in the initial implementation of Workday, such as Workday Launch or Workday Your Way, as well as in the implementation of specific additional modules. We can also help you optimise your existing Workday configuration and its use.


Implementation method

HR Path will support your team at all stages of implementation by providing management and consulting services in the design, configuration, testing and deployment of the Workday system and functional areas.


Method of implementation in support

Your organisation takes care of the configuration, testing and deployment of Workday functionality, while HR Path provides project management and monitoring.

We take care of the time-consuming project steps so you can focus on your core business.

How can HR Path help you implement Workday payroll?

HR Path & Workday partnership around Payroll

HR Path is the major partner for the implementation of Workday Payroll and Time Management in France. With our historical expertise in Payroll acquired over the last 20 years, reinforced by our resources specialised in payroll outsourcing, HR PATH supports you from the feasibility studies, the implementation of the solution, and up to the application maintenance of your Payroll and Time Management.


Our pre-configured for SMEs & ETIs

HR PATH supports you in your Workday Payroll projects, whatever their size. We provide our SME and ETI customers with our pre-configured payroll system, designed to reduce implementation time and facilitate the maintenance of your payroll, directly by your managers


Value-added services

We bring you our expertise to secure your project:

  • Audit of your existing Workday HCM prior to payroll deployment
  • Accelerated analysis of your regulations based on your white papers and payroll journals
  • Automated loading of your employees read from your DSN
  • Support in the drafting of recipe books

How to integrate Workday?

Workday provides integration tools that are compatible with other systems and third-party applications and offers a library of configurable integrations.

HR Path is an expert on Workday integration and has proven experience with different systems:

  • We advise you on different scenarios for optimal integration
  • We offer a complete end-to-end integration approach: leveraging Workday’s integration-optimised methodology
  • We provide you with tools for an effective and efficient implementation


Integration with your payroll systems

Whether in-house or with an external supplier, an optimal payroll process is not possible without optimal integration between your Workday system and your external payroll system. With more than 30 payroll integrations worldwide, HR Path is positioned as a specialist.


Our experience ranges from certified integration processes with global payroll providers to customized integration with local payroll providers.


Our team :

  • Advises you on payroll integration
  • Uses support tools for decisive and efficient implementations
  • Acts and reacts in a way that is adapted to the specificities

Do you need Workday resources?

With Workday Client Augmentation we offer you the possibility of additional resources to temporarily support your Workday team, even on site.


Project mode

With Client Augmentation in project mode, we complement the skills of your team with the functional HR-IT and/or Workday expertise needed to ensure that the project tasks and deliverables are completed according to plan.


Support Mode

With Client Augmentation in support mode, we second our consultants to work alongside your internal support teams, in case of temporary needs and/or additional knowledge.

What are the HR Path support offerings on Workday?

HR Path offers support ranging from operational support to corrective and evolutionary maintenance, complementing your in-house capabilities on the tool.

Workday Support gives you the flexibility to choose the services you need to maintain and enhance your Workday system. This service allows you to optimize and add additional services as needed.


Allocation of an HR Path support team

  • Fixed Support Coordinator
  • Experienced and certified support consultants for all Workday HCM, Finance and Integration modules
  • French and English speaking consultants
  • Local and offshore support centres
  • Onsite / Hybrid / Offsite resources


Intervention en fonction des besoins du client

  • End-user support
  • Functional & corrective maintenance (level 1 to level 3)
  • Evolutionary maintenance – implementation of new versions


Guaranteed level of service

  • Service level agreement
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Governance and conditions approved by HR Path and the client
  • Availability of our ticketing tool (JIRA)
  • Information on the 2 annual Workday updates


Flexible service agreement

  • Annual renewable support subscription
  • Estimated number of support hours per quarter
  • Quarterly adjustments based on usage – possibility to optimise / extend usage
  • Billing based on actual or fixed costs (fixed costs for installation, administration, reporting)

What are the specifics of the HR Path support offering for Workday?

Synergistic support

Workday Support is based on the synergy between your organisation, HR Path and Workday for optimal support to your organisation.

  • Manuals and reference guides
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Cancellations / Corrections
  • Support processes
  • Change management
  • Data integrity and audit
  • Level 1
  • Level 1 to 3
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Communication with Workday
  • Product & Existing Support
  • Training
  • Workday Community
  • Customer Success

HR Path provides support in all functional areas of Workday HCM. Our consultants take care of the required upgrades to the existing system and accompany you on the release of new versions to keep your system up to date in real time.

Our hybrid model uses onshore and offshore resources to allow the manager to be in contact with the customer while supervising the consultants in charge of the configuration. We tailor our offer to your needs (skills, time, etc.) for an efficient service at the right price.

What is the added value of the HR Path Group's Workday support offer?

What makes us different



With Workday Life Cycle Service, we support all aspects of the Workday solution in your organisation.



Our success is based on the synergy between our organisations and a strong partnership.



We offer services that are optimised to your actual needs.



Our approach and flexibility allow us, as a partner, to work on site.