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HR Path Achieves Expert Competency in HCM from SAP

The new Competency Framework aims to increase the emphasis on customer lifetime value and customer outcomes while assisting businesses in selecting the partner who would best support them on their path to becoming intelligent enterprises. Customers want a dependable and competent partner who can become their trusted technology and business advisor who has a demonstrated understanding of their company and sector.

These are the several levels:


Partners at the essential competency tier have met the training and delivery requirements to achieve at least one specialization. This gives customers the confidence that the partner has the necessary level of expertise defined by a specific number of live customers over 24 months.


Partners at the advanced competency tier show the progression of their SAP practice. By earning this designation, the partner assures that it can provide access to more certified consultants and platform integration capabilities in specific competency. The partner has also demonstrated a deeper level of proven customer success by reaching the second tier of required live customers over 24 months.


Partners at the expert competency tier have demonstrated exceptional customer success. By earning this designation, partners such as HR Path are prepared to assist customers with end-to-end transformation projects with their proven experience working across the competency product portfolio and having developed unique solution capabilities in the specific area.

HR Path’s competency was granted based on our demonstrated expertise and skills in end-to-end digital transformation, including our related knowledge, proficiency and instances of customer success.

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