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HR Path Announces New Office in Colombia

The HR Path Group announced today it has established a new office in Bogota, Colombia. HR Path has been in Latin America for over five (5) years with a flagship office located in Mexico City, Mexico.

HR Path is a global leader and expert in Human Resources services, providing both professional advice and support to organizations for whom the human experience is essential to their digital transformation process. With offices in countries across the globe, HR Path continues to grow their Latin American presence.

“The launching of HR Path Colombia was just a matter of time. Our three business lines are to advise, implement, and run to bring the best end-to-end HR performance solutions and services that lead to our customer’s higher satisfaction. Expanding through Latin America, providing professional expertise, and servicing local and global organizations in South America, aim to fulfill what our customers need.” said Frederic Van Bellinghen, Partner, Americas.

With Merardo Abad Puerta Galvis as Country Manager, we intend to grow our presence in Colombia rapidly, but also to start servicing customers from other South American countries. Our Colombian office will also serve as a nearshoring center for some of our largest North American and global projects.”

About HR Path

HR Path, an expert and a major player in Human Resources, helps companies for who the human experience is essential to their digital transformation. Advise, Implement & Run are the 3 business lines of HR Path which contribute our customers corporate HR performance.

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