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HR Path launches its HR survey

What are the new challenges for the HR function in 2022?

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Our world has changed in more ways than one because of the pandemic. To meet the new expectations of employees, companies will once again have to show flexibility and adaptability. It is in this context of emerging from the crisis that HR Path is launching this survey on the HR function.

The 2022 edition aims to highlight the major challenges of the HR function. To participate, you can access the online questionnaire by clicking on the button above and you will be sent the results of our survey on a quarterly basis. This survey only takes a few minutes to complete. Your answers will remain anonymous and strictly confidential.

Your participation is essential to allow us to identify the topics that will be at the heart of your concerns, and those of your peers, throughout the year. Supported by a set of data that you can present to your team, this report will allow you to compare your priorities to those of other companies around the world.

Many thanks for your participation!

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