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Workday’s New 2021 R1 Release is here!

Looking for guidance and support on what is to come? Then join us for our series of short and concise webinar on the various modules!

Bi-annually, Workday delivers significant enhancements and new functionality during key release dates. Every year, we support our clients in preparing for implementing and covering new requirements with the organization of various webinars on key modules to be updated. Planning and methodological testing is needed to successfully bring to action the new functionality.

During the new release this year, WD Release 2021 R1, it was announced that all features will be available for a preview after 06th of February 2021. We are expecting the implementation on the 13th of March 2021.

We, from HR Path, would like to ensure that you get an overview of the new interesting features to be automatically updated or opted – in. To provide you with enough time for gaining familiarity on the new features and selecting the ones that would be applicable and needed in your organization, we have organized, once again, dedicated webinars in 3 parts.

In the month of February and March, please join us for more details and guided support on:

  • HCM Core, Compensation and AC, Cross Application Services, Integrations
  • Talent &Perf., Recruiting, Learning, Absence and Time tracking
  • Finance

You and your dedicated HR, Finance, Compensation, Talent and Recruitment teams are all invited to join for a 1-hour session or multiple sessions to gain insights and understanding your systems’ newest updates.

In case you are not able to participate directly, you may always invite another colleague to join or listen to the recording after.

We look forward to seeing you in the webinar!

Webinars in English

Click on sessions below to register:

01 Mar 02:00PM CET Session #1: HCM Core, Compensation and AC, Cross Application Services, Integrations
02 Mar 02:00PM CET Session #2: Talent &Perf., Recruiting, Learning, Absence and Time tracking
01 Mar 03:00PM CET Session #3: Finance


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