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SAP SuccessFactors HRIS administrators know they can’t do everything in their system. Certain changes in the back-end can only be changed by certified consultants of SuccessFactors or the partner they work with. But SAP uccessFactors is making more and more available in the Admin center which is accessible to administrators. And sometimes certain functionality is available in both. If you like to know what is done here, read further and download our SAP SuccessFactors Provisioning Guide.

What is Provisioning?

Provisioning is the backend system of your SuccessFactors system. In Provisioning, you can determine which modules are enabled, which languages you use in your system and different settings for every module. It’s also the place where you upload templates, schedule jobs and much more.

Who has access to Provisioning?

Only certified SuccessFactors Consultants of certified SuccessFactors partners have access to provisioning. This has multiple reasons:

  • You can enable the modules there, and some of them need an additional fee.
  • You need knowledge of all the different settings, so you are aware of the consequences if you change anything.
  • You need XML-knowledge to make changes to all the different templates.

So, it’s highly recommended that you use qualified persons to make changes in your provisioning system. SuccessFactors give only access to consultants if they are certified for the module they are going to implement.

How does a customer control the access to Provisioning?

Since August 2017, there is a new functionality “Manage Provisioning Access Tool” in the Admin Center, which allows you to:

  • See all the people who have access to Provisioning
  • Adding new Provisioning Users
  • Delete existing Provisioning Users

Note that if you add a new user, this will send an approval email to the specified user. The email will direct the consultant to HCM Ops Portal for Customer Instance Access form submission.

In the HCM Ops Portal, the consultant still needs to fill in Customer Instance Access form and needs to attach the system generated approval email. The partner Organization will check on the consultant’s certification and the customer admin approval based on system generated email.

If you revoke the access of a consultant, the tool does not notify the user when their access has been revoked. Best practice would be for the person that is revoking the access to also inform the user that they are taking that action. Also, if you delete a partner’s access, the only way of restoring the access is for the partner to submit a new request through the partner portal. This can take up to 7 days.

The transition from Provisioning to Admin Center

SuccessFactors is working on enabling some of the actions you can do in Provisioning also in Admin Center.

So is, for instance, the entire chapter about Managing documents available in Admin Center: Route a document, delete a document, … Even more, the tools provided in Provisioning aren’t updated anymore and can’t be used for PM V12 and PM v12 Acceleration documents.

But there are also actions which can only be performed in Provisioning: For instance, schedule and monitor daily jobs.

Finally, you can also perform actions which are available in both systems. You can define for instance goal templates in both Provisioning and Admin Center. However, in Provisioning it’s done by using XML, in Admin Center it’s a configuration which is more user-friendly. The XML, however, provides more configuration possibilities; for instance, you can define the authorizations for the different goal statuses in XML, while you can’t do this in Admin Center.

While SuccessFactors is continuing to make more available in Admin Center, Provisioning will not immediately disappear.

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