SAP SuccessFactors | Testing your Environment Guide

Every enterprise HCM platform is configured to your specific processes and therefore needs testing. Cloud systems may need less than on-prem but testing is still vital for a well-performing system. Do you have your testing covered well?

In our 14-page guide, we will dive into the different tests which are relevant to your SuccessFactors platform. It explains how to test your SAP SuccessFactors platform during an implementation, for configuration changes, and for quarterly releases. We will also cover the pro’s and cons of automated testing to see if this solution can help you.

The main reason to test your system is to make sure your users get the experience they expect which is a system that works as designed, without bugs or unnecessary workarounds. As you might have experienced with your SAP SuccessFactors suite, change and improvement come every three months in the form of quarterly releases. New functionalities and requested features make SAP SuccessFactors a solution that grows and adapts to your future requirements.

During all of these changes, testing thoroughly is crucial to maintaining a healthy solution. Different tests are necessary during the life cycle of your solution. Automating your test in SuccessFactors is now also possible. 4Deets, automated testing for SuccessFactors, was developed to take the stress of testing away from you.

Below we have created a guide to give you an overview of the different aspects of testing your SuccessFactors environment. The following topics will be covered:

  • Testing during an implementation
  • Testing for configuration changes
  • Testing for Quarterly Releases
  • Manual vs. Automated Testing

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