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Can Personal Well-Being exist in the Workplace?

It’s time to stop using stress as a management model and favor the well-being of employees. The term “Happy Management” became one of the key factors in creating wealthy companies. In this quest for happiness in the workplace, everyone has a role to play.

A new workplace model cannot be created without the end of the old style. Since Taylor and its scientific management, the company acquired the ingredients of the disengagement of the employees in the professional work. The separation of the offices function with execution and reflection functions were the principle of the work during too long. The purpose of this management by the stress was to stimulate more the productivity of the associates.

Today, the situation is clear: France is late in the development of creating happy workplaces. According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Employment : 50% of French employees still work under a traditional organizational structure. Among them, 25% of employees evolve in companies (Textile industry ; Clothing/food/processing industry). Additionally, only 30% of French employees work within an organization which favors autonomy, learning processes and the well-being of the employees. A score far below that posted (shown) in the Northern Europe. which ranges between 55-60%.

HR on the front line

No matter the industry, the HR department is tasked with creating effective QVT’s politics in the workplace. Firstly, one has to to conduct an internal survey within the workplace. The main objective of this survey is to provide employees/associates with a safe and confidential avenue to make their voices heard. Questions such as, “What can we do to make your role more enjoyable?” A simple question such as this provides each employee with the opportunity to express themselves in a private and confidential manner.

The HR MANAGER also serves as a mediator and must visibly support the project, which will show the other managers within the organization the importance of such an initiative.

The role of the manager evolved

In this pursuit of happiness at work, the manager’s role is key. In the companies, the roles of  ‘Happiness Manager’ or ‘Chief Happiness Officer’ are new. This is evidence that the subject has been carefully discussed and has been taken seriously at the highest level of the organization.

These new initiatives can be quite helpful to managers in being successful in their own roles as the can better learn the teams under their managment. The HR Manager could have open-mindedness, stimulating common projects, or lean in on the particularities of each other. The purpose of this is to favor the quality of live during the work.

The first question for themselves is « Am I done well for this job ? »

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