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HR Path is a global Human-Resources leader, that supports you in every aspect of your Hr department’s digital transformation.

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Understanding your needs to support you in the overall performance and evolution of your HR function is the basis of our “Advise to Run” strategy.  We offer our clients a complete range of services from HR consulting, to the implementation of Human-Ressources solutions, to support and maintenance services.

Engaging with our expert HR consultants for advice empowers you to craft a robust HR strategy and navigate HR transformation effectively. Our support facilitates seamless change management and enhances your talent search, allowing you to concentrate on key business activities while ensuring compliance and expertise in HR practices.


We support you to recruit, maintain and manage in a better way your employee’s lifecycle with the best HR solutions on the market.  We can intervene at every stage of your HRIS projects from choice to support.


Outsourcing your payroll (BPO) enables you to increase efficiency and cut costs by handing over complex payroll management to experts. It allows you to concentrate on your core business activities while ensuring accuracy and compliance with payroll regulations.


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HR Path

Many companies and institutions trust us to support and accompany their HR & HRIS projects.

Our mission is structured around consulting, implementation of HR solutions, Human Resources support and maintenance services.


Improve your Human Ressources Management
with NUBO our smart Cloud HR software

With NUBO, a solution developed by the HR Path group, companies can make HR a success factor for your company. The principle is simple: you choose only the services and HR module that really make you progress! Faster, more efficient or your HR professionals and less expensive for your company.


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At HR Path, join a world where your skills in HR consulting, HRIS, and payroll outsourcing (BPO) drive change. Your role in our team means more than just a job; it’s about transforming HR practices, HR Technologies and HR Processes. Be part of an environment where innovation and diversity thrive, and your unique talents are valued. Here, every project boosts your expertise, and your contributions shape the future of Human Resources Departments.

Let’s innovate in Human-resource consultancy and payroll management together – start your HR Path journey today by meeting our talent acquisition team!

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Our Advise Service Offering for SME's


We have a reliable and trustworthy track record of working with small, medium enterprises focusing on complex Human-Ressources issues including:

– Talent Management,
– Terms and conditions of employment
– Diversity, inclusion & ethics​
– Employee Relations analysis & insight ​
– HR Policy, processes, employee handbook, employment law advice ​
– Change Management​
– Organisation Design, redundancy, restructure, harmonisation, TUPE


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