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HR Path allows you to focus on your core business by taking over tasks that are considered low value-added. The objective is to gain efficiency and agility in HR, while ensuring quality, compliance, and continuity of your sensitive services, especially payroll.

Why outsource your payroll to HR Path ?

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A business partner

Our approach is guided by the search for qualitative and economic optimization by improving your “employee experience”. We build our solutions, in complete independence from our software partners, with a “business consulting” perspective to meet your current and future needs as closely as possible. We give priority to reliability and durability with a particular attention and commitment during an implementation project.

A unique HR provider

We are your single point of contact for the entire HR value chain. Our Advise to Run strategy enables us to support you in all your HR projects by integrating all the dimensions around payroll, such as change management, HCM & integration solutions, and time management. We consider the outsourcing of your payroll processes as a key success factor in your group strategy and we develop your BPO projects by considering your context as a whole.

A flexible offer

By choosing to outsource all or part of your payroll processes, you can fully concentrate on your core business. Whatever the size of your company and your expectations in terms of service levels, we offer a flexible model and guarantee a strong service commitment. Your business is evolving and we adapt our services to accompany you throughout your development.


A local and international payroll service

Your payroll must be managed in all your countries by experts, respecting local legislation and cultural specificities. We are also committed to the security of your data, particularly with regard to the RGPD. Our services enable us to cover nearly 140 countries and to provide global support for your organization, particularly in its international growth. Our teams are dedicated and based for the most part in your countries. As a leading HR player, we are committed to delivering a fair and timely payroll based on best practices.


Our outsourcing offers

CPS : Cloud Payroll Services

Our CPS offer takes care of the hosting of the application and its maintenance, the monitoring and the associated legal and regulatory adjustment as well as the monitoring of the payroll.

MPS : Managed Payroll Services

Our MPS offer includes a dedicated or shared environment, as well as payroll production by our experts.

BPO : HR Business Process Outsourcing

With the BPO offer, you benefit from a shared service center and HR Path experts available at all times.

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