SAP Success

Test4Success automation solution
for SAP SuccessFactors

Our test automation solution comes with more than 1,000 standard automated tests ready to monitor your SAP SuccessFactors solution on an ongoing basis. Automating and systematizing application testing reduces human effort in non-regression testing and significantly increases the quality of your releases.

Why use Test4Success ?

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Reducing risks

One of the quality criteria for testing is the functional scope of testing. Exposure to compliance and security risks (GPDR) can be significantly reduced through test automation.

Improve your agility

Agility has become the key benefit of cloud solutions. Test automation facilitates agile evolution of your SuccessFactors solutions.

Ensure sustainability

Automated testing avoids regressions on the features you have customized.

Increase User Adoption

Better test quality, proper test scope and frequent regression testing reduce user dissatisfaction and increase adoption.


Download the
Test4Success guide

We provide you with this guide describing the delivered test library and presenting the methods of creating custom tests of Test4Success.

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