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HR Path continues its expansion in North America with the acquisition of Whitaker-Taylor

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Atlanta, 5/5/2021


HR Path is pleased to announce its acquisition of Whitaker-Taylor, an HR technology company based in North America and the Netherlands.

Whitaker-Taylor is an HR technology consulting firm with expertise in SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HR. Founded in 2007, they find strength in their team members and global customer base with a strong presence in the US and in Europe.

“We are excited to be a part of the HR Path Group as this merger will enable us to expand our end-to-end services on a global level beyond the US and Netherlands. Our client base is now strategically positioned to benefit directly from HR Path’s unique capabilities and Whitaker-Taylor’s established offerings. Together, we will perfectly enhance our SAP SuccessFactors strength and influence both in North America and internationally”, said Scott Burton, CEO of Whitaker-Taylor.

HR Path celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and continues to support over 1,300 active clients in 18 countries. HR Path’s services range from HR transformation consulting and change management to payroll outsourcing (BPO) and the implementation and maintenance of software solutions.

Despite the current economic difficulties related to COVID-19, HR Path continues its business development. HR Path recently announced a $136 million financing, allowing the company to continue its international expansion.

HR Path plans to expand its value proposition in all countries where the Group is already present, with priority given to the United States and Europe. Whitaker-Taylor is the first company to be acquired from this plan.

With both organic and external growth, HR Path’s objectives are to:

  • Double its revenues within 4 years
  • Create jobs
  • Develop payroll BPO
  • Become the world leader in global human resources solutions

“We believe that by joining forces with Whitaker-Taylor to expand our US and BENELUX capabilities, to further serve customers of all sizes is indeed a very strategic move and one that is welcomed by the Group. Our combined focus will be on HR services covering SAP SuccessFactors packaged solution
including managed payroll services. This is the first acquisition to benefit from the recent $136 million dollar financing, with the goal to become the absolute global leader in services dedicated to human resources”, said Wim De Smet, HR Path Americas Partner.


About Whitaker-Taylor

Whitaker-Taylor emerged in 2007 as a full-service consultant organization devoted to the unique needs of SuccessFactors and SAP HR customers. Their staff draws upon decades of SAP HCM and a global presence with offices in the Americas and EMEA. Today, they are consultant practitioners who help others increase their usability with an expectation of greater productivity and greater return on their SAP investment. Whitaker-Taylor has more than 350 live, successful engagements in HR Technology. Their strategic partnerships include SAP Gold Partner and SuccessFactors Services Partner.


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