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5 reasons why SAP SuccessFactors NUBO is the best HR solution for growing businesses

Today, there are not a lot of HR ERP systems that can handle the needs of a growing business. A lot of these businesses may be on a hiring spree or they may be expanding their HR department or acquiring/merging with other organizations. It is key to have the right systems and services in place so that you can focus on developing your company and your employees. That is why NUBO was developed, to help your business to become more successful.

You may be wondering what exactly is NUBO? HR Path’s NUBO, an HRIS solution powered by SAP SuccessFactors, is geared towards growing businesses that manage the entire hire to retire process flow from the recruitment process right through to succession planning in a faster, cost-effective, and more efficient manner. Packed with HR best practices and optimized for employee and manager self-service. No more manual entry and inefficient administration.

NUBO is a proven solution that includes pre-configuration, standardization, and ready-to-use HRIS. NUBO can ensure HR departments realize their strategic potential to positively influence business value and outcomes. NUBO is the SAP Global Pinnacle Award Finalist in Packaged Solution Category in 2019 & 2020. Over 50 companies trust NUBO with HR Path’s off the shelf methodology.

So, what makes NUBO the best solution for growing businesses? Read below to learn the 5 reasons why.

  1. Best-in-class HR ERP SAP SuccessFactors

With NUBO you can have the ability to use a top-tier HR ERP system, SuccessFactors. SAP SuccessFactors is a world-leading provider of cloud human experience management (HXM) – the new people-focused term for HCM. Its HXM suite lets you provide employees with experiences that recognize their individual value and consistently motivate them to achieve peak performance levels.

  1. Based on HR leading best practices

Through our experience with implementing HR systems, we know what works. Our methodological approach, proven during our projects, is scalable and adapted to your context.  NUBO enables companies to roll-out industry-standard pre-configured SAP SuccessFactors modules rapidly this is based on SAP’s leading practice library.

  1. Fast implementation within 6 weeks deployment

Many implementations may take months to complete when dealing with a large HR ERP. Over time, HR Path has defined these processes and can leverage our out-of-the-box/off-the-shelf methodology to make the NUBO implementation go fast and easy. NUBO will be done in 4 – 8 weeks per module, with some modules running in parallel.

  1. Own and implement for a fraction of the price

We understand that many companies may not have the bandwidth to own such systems. But with NUBO, you are able to own and implement SuccessFactors for an affordable price. Having a low implementation cost allows you to focus on and invest in user adoption. Full SuccessFactors suite implementation starts at $119k.

  1. Flexibility to grow with your business

The idea of NUBO is for your company to have an HR ERP system that grows with you as you grow as a company where you can modify and adapt the system as you work with the system from day one. With NUBO, you have a modular approach that allows you to start anywhere and go everywhere. By leveraging NUBO, you can add new functionalities and really expand your system to make it as most robust and customized as you would like.

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