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How NUBO HR helps growing businesses deal with hybrid work culture

As many organizations have been opting with hybrid working, which requires new work model and strategy through HR to balance the organizational culture, HR Path has expanded its deployment capabilities with its acquired HR solution, NUBO. This is an award-winning SAP SuccessFactors Packaged Solution, which optimizes SAP SuccessFactors implementations. NUBO manages the entire hire to retire process flow from the recruitment process right through to succession planning in a faster, more efficient manner and at a lower cost. Packed with HR best practices and optimized for employee and manager self-service. No more manual entry and inefficient admin.

NUBO is geared toward small to medium-sized businesses and includes pre-configuration, standardization, and ready to use HRIS. NUBO can ensure HR departments realize their strategic potential to positively influence business value and outcomes. NUBO has been implemented in 50 companies, it has proven to succeed with this off the shelf methodology.

Many implementations take months to complete when dealing with large HR ERPs. But over time, HR Path has managed to define this process and leveraged its out-of-the-box methodology to make NUBO implementation quick and easy. NUBO will be completed within 4 – 8 weeks per module, with several modules running in parallel. HR Path has recently successfully implemented NUBO in six weeks in AEON Credit Service Indonesia. This is the first NUBO implementation in Indonesia.

This is one of the reasons NUBO HR can be the solution to growing businesses when dealing with hybrid work culture.

Find out how HR Path can help growing businesses deal with hybrid work culture in Indonesia through the upcoming digital talkshow series on:

March 15, 2022 – Discover how people adapt quickly in hybrid working with NUBO, HR Path’s award-winning HR solution running on SAP SuccessFactors dedicated to growing businesses

April 13, 2022 – Hear the story of how AEON Credit Service Indonesia manages to deal with hybrid working in relation with NUBO implementation.

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