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How to harness the possibilities of AI in HR technologies

Cornerstone Editors

As the famous 1960s cartoon The Jetsons predicted, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements are already invading our daily routines, especially in the workplace. While we don’t (yet) drive hover cars that look like flying saucers, there has been a radical shift in society toward automation, particularly in the world of HR technologies. Financial planners are using new software to better predict the future. By moving away from old paper-based processes and embracing today’s digital advances, companies have been able to conduct long-term projections despite economic uncertainty.This massive transformation has uncovered an urgent need to equip staff with the most appropriate tools to remain agile. As the world of work evolves and new skills emerge, organizations must prioritize the development of their people.

This massive transformation has uncovered an urgent need to equip staff with the right tools to remain agile. As the world of work evolves and new skills emerge, organizations must prioritize workforce development. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Future of Jobs report, more than 85% of organizations will increase the implementation of new technologies in the next five years, and employees will need to upgrade nearly half (44%) of their skills. It is now more important than ever to understand how AI-based technologies can transform the workplace at great speed. That’s why companies must rely on AI to improve the skills of their workforce and, more importantly, to foster a culture of continuous learning in which employees can successfully react to dynamic and continuous change. Let’s take a look at the benefits sought from the revolutionary talent management automation that is sweeping the HR industry.

Why leverage ethical AI in HR

Simplify talent acquisition and recruiting: Streamline large volumes of resumes, candidate screening and video interviewing.

Improve new employee onboarding: Provide personalized onboarding experiences by orienting new employees and answering frequently asked questions, while freeing up HR resources.

Predictive analytics for retention and succession planning: By analyzing different types of data, AI helps HR leaders identify risks of attrition, address retention and succession planning.

Intelligent performance management: provide real-time feedback and customized development plans to make performance appraisals more accurate and recognition of employee achievements fair.

Advances in training and development: deliver customized training content, identify skills gaps, and create targeted development programs tailored to individual employee needs.

Employee engagement and well-being: monitor employee well-being and engagement and implement proactive support measures through different channels, such as surveys, chat interactions and social networks.Human-involved decision making: mitigate bias and avoid unintended harm through human oversight.

Prepare your people for the future

When companies align productivity and growth with an easily accessible, intelligent system that’s designed for the new world of work, they are future-proofed and can weather any storm.Cornerstone is a pioneer in workplace training, so we are uniquely positioned to help companies and their employees face the future of work and make the most of innovations like AI to learn, grow and succeed. Our team is dedicated heart and soul to developing technologies with which our clients can judiciously adopt AI into their strategies; just like The Supersonics. Learn about Cornerstone’s AI engines and how they guide, select and customize individual experiences that transform skills at scale.

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