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How to leverage Interview Scheduling within SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management for Outlook

SAP SuccessFactors offers a variety of functions for interview scheduling through an Outlook integration and allows for streamlining the process when scheduling interviews. SuccessFactors introduced Interview Scheduling Integration in 2015 and it offers the option to schedule interviews based on the availability slots pulled from the outlook calendar.   

Interview Scheduling

Interviews can sometimes be daunting both for the candidate and the interviewers but are necessary and an important part of the hiring process. Setting up an interview time that fits everyone’s schedule is demanding and can take away a lot of time from the day-to-day work. SAP SuccessFactors Interview Scheduling functionality helps in simplifying and organizing the interview scheduling process for all involved.   

To access Interview scheduling, go to Admin Center > Recruiting >  Interview Scheduling.

Fig. 1: Admin Center Recruiting Tab

Fig. 2: Admin Center Interview Scheduling

When selecting a candidate from the candidate screen, the view will consist of all the candidates that need to be interviewed for a job requisition based on the status in their pipeline. You can select which candidate you would like to interview and start scheduling. 

Fig. 3: Interview Scheduling Selecting a Candidate

When scheduling, the recruiter will have the option to choose the meeting type, whether it is a phone, virtual, or face-to-face, add the location of the interview, and identify the availability and the interview slot. Once the interview is scheduled, then the system sends an email to the candidate asking for confirmation. There is also an option to send an SMS feature and interview notification SMS to candidates.

Outlook Integration

Interview Scheduling can be integrated with Microsoft Office Outlook Calendar when Outlook integration is enabled. Using Outlook, interviewers can send interview schedule invites and the meetings will jointly appear in the Outlook email account calendar. For Outlook integration to be fully functional, the user needs to have an account in Outlook, enter the account in SuccessFactors, establish the connection, allow access to the service account for “Free Time/ Busy time,” and verify and test the Outlook account connection.

Fig. 4: Outlook Integration Available Time Slots

In Outlook integration, Interview rooms are configured by importing the list of meeting rooms and details into the Interview Scheduling Outlook Integration. When importing these interview rooms, the user must upload the file format in CSV, and a unique email address is required for each of the rooms. We can add multiple interview rooms that are suitable, and the system will analyze the rooms available.                        

SAP SuccessFactors Interview Scheduling coupled with Outlook integration is a convenient feature that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruiting process. It also simplifies the interviewing process by gaining access to the candidate and organizer’s availability from start to finish, thus streamlining the process.

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