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New Innovations to Support Customers from Workday are Coming!

9 out of 10 executive leaders say their organization has pursued one or more large-scale digital transformations in the past two years. Technology is becoming increasingly important for organizations to meet the evolving needs, wants, and opportunities of their people and business.

Workday is working on three fronts to address the challenges and get the most out of the opportunities presented in today’s working world.

1. Teams need to scale to meet business needs and produce better strategic insights

Workday is bringing new financial innovations to help solve these needs, including better scalability, performance, and upgraded machine learning capabilities to bring a smoother finance experience. Workday organizations will also gain deeper insights into company-wide initiatives from Supply Chain and Environmental to Social and Governance.

2. Employees who feel unheard and unsupported are less engaged and productive.

According to a new Workday report, the scale of higher burnout risk has increased since 2021 across many frontline industries, highlighting the need for employers to pay more attention to the needs of their employees and support them.

Workday is producing innovations for their customers which will bring deeper insights into their employees’ skills, as well as a better connected and open skills ecosystem.

3. Industry-specific solutions are needed to let external partners add innovation to drive success, bring faster time to value, and meet customers’ unique growth strategies and requirements.

To meet these requirements, expand its ecosystem, as well as enable swift innovation and open collaboration, Workday announced:

  • A transformed Workday Partner Ecosystem- dedicated to more openness and connection which will lead to faster time to value, more innovation, as well as an expanded services network.
  • Faster cloud transformation for tech, healthcare, insurance, and banking companies with an Industry Accelerator program that brings together Workday partners, solutions, and services.
  • User experience (UX) and technology innovations to help customers adapt faster to rapidly changing employee and business needs. This includes low-code/no-code functionality for app development and better user experiences to make work effortless for every user.

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