Frequently asked questions

In order to better assist you, you will find below a list of frequently asked questions about the SAP SuccessFactors solution. This FAQ will help you to better understand our approach and our services.

How to implement SAP SuccessFactors?

Aware of the complexity of integrations between systems, HR Path makes it easy for you. Our technical experts are familiar with the different technologies around the SAP infrastructure (HCI – Hana Cloud Integration, SCP – SAP Cloud Platform, FIORI, ABAP, PO – Process Orchestration) and other tools on the market (BOOMI).


Cloud integrations

The current trend is for many companies to adopt cloud applications. At the same time, integrations to and from cloud applications are becoming increasingly complex. Most cloud applications have limited external data services, and custom integrations must be developed outside of them with limited access to data and processes. The common mistake is to build very complex custom integration solutions to compensate for these limitations.

To address this challenge, HR Path has developed a strategy based on a library of integration templates for common integration scenarios. Within an integration scenario template, we build adapters specific to each cloud application. HR Path integration template libraries are developed and maintained on SAP Cloud Platform Neo – HR Path favours SAP proprietary technologies (Fiori, UI5).


Step-by-step integrations

For Employee Central Payroll solutions, HR Path favours point-to-point integration with Employee Central. This point-to-point integration avoids the need for middleware integration.


Integration solutions adapted to the needs of companies

We offer to integrate SuccessFactors applications into the customer’s application landscape while ensuring a seamless user experience. We use technologies from the SAP Cloud Platform that make cross-application interfaces seamless for users, with limited costs.

What is special about the HR Path support offering on SAP SuccessFactors?

Customer service and continuous improvement are the keys to long-term adoption and success. With our support services, you strengthen your SAP SuccessFactors environment through collaboration, empowerment, innovation and continuous improvement. We use corrective, preventive and adaptive support.


Benefit from the advice of our support experts through the online support system. Our team guides you through critical situations.

Our multilingual and multicultural support centres based on 3 continents ensure that you have a contact person available during business hours in your region.

Dealing with anomalies

The timescales for taking into account and correcting anomalies occurring during acceptance operations or during the warranty period are as follows:

  • Anomalies are taken into account by the Provider according to their level of seriousness.

HR Path undertakes to correct the Anomalies within the following intervention and/or resolution times:

  • Actions
  • Resolution, including the implementation of a Workaround
  • If Blocking Anomaly : One (1) working day after the Anomaly is reported *.
  • If Major Anomaly: Three (3) working days after reporting the Anomaly
  • If Minor Defect: Eight (8) working days after notification of the Defect

* NB: During production, the resolution time is reduced to four (4) working hours after the Anomaly is reported


Knowledge transfer

The HR Path training centre offers you a catalogue of SuccessFactors product training or customised training (tailored to your SuccessFactors application and your needs).

We transfer the knowledge of the solutions and their integration into your IT landscape
Our trainers with the support of our PCOE (Partner Center Of Excellence) certified technical teams, help you bridge the skills gap of your key users, your IT experts and your business experts.
Innovation and Value

HR Path’s support services offer a wide range of services and tools to ensure you get the most out of SuccessFactors solutions.

Accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions (tools, packages, solution integration from market start-ups)
Maximise the user experience
HR Path leads and organises a presentation of new SuccessFactors features at each release and provides you with personalised advice on the implementation of the upgrade
Critical incident support
A single, intuitive interface – to access support resources, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly experience
24×7 availability – regardless of your deployment model, with Platinum level support you have immediate access to the help you need
Minimal business disruption – and faster problem resolution through our proven responsiveness and contractual SLAs.

What are the SAP SuccessFactors modules?

HR Path is a value-added reseller of all SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Only SAP SuccessFactors provides a complete HRIS solution for the employee’s life in the company, in all processes of talent management, payroll, as well as comprehensive content such as competency libraries, job descriptions, goal catalogues, but also legal and coaching content.


The SAP SuccessFactors modules are :

  • HCM Core
  • Time And Attendance
  • Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Performance And Compensation
  • Social Collaboration
  • Learning And Development
  • Workforce Planning And Analytics
  • Integration