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Discover how to maximize Workday’s capabilities?

Today, the digitization of our Human Resources and Finance functions through Cloud solutions has become a necessity to gain in efficiency and maintain competitiveness.

The HCM cloud solution market is constantly evolving and each year Workday releases no less than two new updated of its solution.

For more than 20 years, HR Path has been a historical player in the Human Resources consulting industry, supporting more than 1500 customers worldwide. Our experience enabled us to become a Workday Partner in 2012 and to deploy their solution and support in more than 75 countries worldwide.

Our experience and privileged relationship with Workday has enabled us to identify best practices that allow you to maximize the capabilities of your Workday System and limit your costs (register here to our free webinar on Feb-1st if you want to know more and meet our Workday’s experts).

Discover and adopt new features

Workday Updates are released each year in March and September. New features are introduced to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR and Finance function to support your business strategy and performance; to get the most out of Workday and to be prepared for the future, an early adoption is recommended.

Our experience has shown that the frequency and complexity of these updates can present a challenge for companies in their attempt to adopt these updates to fit both the current situation and ambitions for the future.

HR Path’s Workday team can support you in all stages, by bringing the required experience as well as introducing best practices and informing you of all (new) features and possibilities provided by Workday.

As part of each new release, HR Path provides Webinars and one to one follow-up sessions with experienced Workday Consultants to inform you about the new features and also translate them to your specific situation and configuration.

A glance our latest New Release Workday (sept 2021) video replay Webinars can be found on our website, free of charge (FR video replay available here).

Keeping the solution at its best

Maintaining and administering Workday requires significant effort and experience which can go beyond what was expected or is needed in terms of time and specific knowledge.

Your time spent maintaining Workday leads to time lost to optimizing Workday to align with the strategy and ambitions of your business.

Our global team of more than 100 Workday consultants can support you to both reduce your internal effort to maintain Workday as well as providing you knowledge and experience to support the optimization of your Workday system.

Retain expertise and develop your teams

Investing in and housing all Workday experience and knowledge with one person or a small team is a big challenge. Not only because of the extensive modules, possibilities and hands-on experience required, but also due to a very competitive Workday skills marketplace. The loss of an expert can lead to an important imbalance that can reduce your capacity to reach your HR and Finance goals; this often proves to be extremely costly.

Our experience has shown us just how much these risks and challenges can be mitigated when combining an internal Workday team with the services of an experienced Partner. HR Path’s Workday Life Cycle Services provides this support on all levels, alongside your team, not only to provide the required expertise, but also to help your team improve their own knowledge and skills.

Use 100% of Workday’s functionality to innovate

Investing in Workday means choosing a market leader known for its ability to innovate and its breadth of functionality. Underutilizing Workday is like buying a Formula 1 car without having the fuel to run it! That’s why we recommend a frequent exploration of Workday to understand the capabilities and optimization opportunities to innovate in your market.

HR Path support over 70 Workday customers worldwide and across all industries. This allows us to provide a high level of advice on how Workday can support in handling the challenges of your market.

By providing comprehensive advice and support, HR Path’s Workday Life Cycle Services enables you to innovate using Workday as a catalyst. Our team of experienced and certified Workday Consultants provide you with the means to meet your goals, with a Workday system optimized to encourage innovation and contribute to your business success,

If you’d like to learn more about Workday best practices register here for our upcoming free of charge webinar on Feb-1st “How to maximize Workday’s capabilities” and or contact one of our Workday’s expert.

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